English Version | Roteiro: New Beginnings

02 Sep 2021
By Ana Murcho e Margarida Oliveira

What to see, what to read, what to do.

New In: Books

We throw ourselves in these pages as if we were throwing ourselves into new worlds: thirsty for knowledge and willing to travel through different universes.

ADAM PENDLETON: AS HEAVY AS SCULPTURE, by Adam Pendleton, Rizzoli (2021), € 85. 

ART DECO STYLE, by Jared Gross, Assouline (2021), € 95. 

O LIVRO DOS SERES IMAGINÁRIOS, by Jorge Luis Borges, Quetzal (2021), € 13,95. 

HARLEM SHUFFLE, by Colson Whitehead, Little, Brown (2021), € 16,20. 

CLOUD CUCKOO LAND, by Anthony Doerr, Scribner (2021), € 25,50. 

WOMEN IN THE PICTURE, by Catherine McCormack, Norton (2021), € 22,50. 

SÉTIMO DIA, by Daniel Faria, Assírio & Alvim (2021), € 15,50. 

I LOVE YOU BUT I'VE CHOSEN DARKNESS: A NOVEL, by Claire Vaye Watkins, Riverhead (2021), € 22,94. 

STATE OF TERROR: A NOVEL, by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny, Simon & Schuster (2021), € 21,36.

BEATRIZ MILHAZES: AVENIDA PAULISTA, by Beatriz Milhazes, Rizzoli (2021), € 64. 

MISS DIOR: A STORY OF COURAGE AND COUTURE, by Justine Picardie, Faber & Faber (2021), € 24,50. 

FRIDA KAHLO. THE COMPLETE PAINTI NGS, by Luis-Martín Lozano, Andrea Kettenmann and Marina Vázquez Ramos, Taschen (2021), € 150 

VAMOS TODOS MORRER: BIOGRAFIAS BREVES DE GENTE QUE JÁ LÁ ESTÁ, by Hugo van der Ding, Penguin Random House (2021), € 17,70. 

PESSOA: A BIOGRAPHY, by Richard Zenith, Liverlight (2021), € 43,37. 

ATIRAR PARA O TORTO, by Margarida Vale de Gato, Tinta da China (2021), € 14,90. 

BEAUTIFUL WORLD, WHERE ARE YOU, by Sally Rooney, Faber & Faber (2021), € 16. 

ORWELL’S ROSES, by Rebecca Solnit, Granta Books (2021), € 16,50. 

CROSSROADS, by Jonathan Franzen, Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2021), € 29,30. 

HOKUSAI. THIRTY-SIX VIEWS OF MOUNT FUJI, by Andreas Marks, Taschen (2021), € 125. 

New In: Records

Whether we’re in the street, in our car, at home or at the local café, these are the albums we will be hearing on our headphones or on the radio.

Each moment has an album, a single or an artist that marks us, that becomes “the music that was playing when…” Can’t we, for that exact reason, see this as the year of Billie Eilish? Happier Than Ever (Interscope Records) came out as an autobiographical record, with penetrating lyrics, sang on Eilish’s characteristic deep voice. The album has a peculiar aesthetic, between the real and the surreal, projected as a complete work of art as it takes advantage of every creative field, because not only can you hear the album, you can also see it and read it. For those that haven’t been paying attention, Billie Eilish is 19-years-old and has been positioning herself as one of the most relevant musical artists of our time. But as we listen to the new songs and the new artists, we also go back to the classics, and this year Neil Young is coming out with a new (old) album. Carnegie Hall 1970 takes us through the artist’s career with songs like Cinnamon Girl, Old Man and Like a Hurricane, among many others. This will be the first album of the compilation series entitled The Neil Young Bootleg Series (Shakey Picture Records/Reprise Records). Going through our favorite hits and hearing them differently can also be this year’s mood. Moby has gone out on a mission to reinterpret his own music, in Reprise (Deutsche Grammophon), the artist rewrites, repeats and recreates a series of songs we all know. Reinterpretation is a common practice when it comes to classical music, as well as theatre. How many times have we listened to the words of Shakespeare or the music written by Mozart or Bach? And how many times have we identified with the idea of rewriting something we had written before? Whether we take it literal you metaphorically, the will to interfere in our past actions or creations with new eyes and new experience and knowledge is a feeling we can all relate to, and we can’t wait to see what that means to Moby. During the months of lockdown and reclusion, Rodrigo Leão took refuge in Alentejo. The artist comes out with a new album entitled A Estranha Beleza da Vida (BMG), in which you can expect to hear collaborative work made with Martirio, Suso Saiz, Michelle Gurevich and Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner. A joyful album about the strange beauty of existing. The Killers are also coming out with new music with Pressure Machine (Island Records), inspired by the city where the singer/songwriter Brandon Flowers was born, in Nephi in Utah, USA. The band that brought us Hot Fuss and Day & Ages, brings us their seventh album inspired by an inaccessible America that we can relate to through our own experiences with our own cities, and how we ourselves went back to them whether physically or spiritually (and forcefully) during the time of lockdown. And after two years, we are missing a hit that can fill up a stadium, bring out Chris Martin: Coldplay’s new album, produced by Max Martin, with the name Music of the Spheres (Parlophone Records / Atlantic Records) is coming out on October 15 of 2021. And we will leave it to you whether you enjoy Coldplay privately or in company of others, but we will all be waiting for the band’s 9th album. Last but not least, The War On Drugs bring us I Don’t Live Here Anymore (Atlantic Records). After four years of waiting, this album brings back the sound that made us fall in love with the band that has managed to achieve simultaneously the underground and mainstream status. Our playlists are being prepared, we’ll be waiting. 

New In: Movies

The world may have stopped but the movie industry kept going, and as movies kept us company during lockdown they will be with us as we are freed. We have been hibernating for too long, we are ready to share experiences, will Billie Eilish mark our return? The artist will is reaching the big screen with Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles, a cinematographic experience to be seen as the artist’s new album is coming out. A Disney+ original, directed by Robert Rodriguez and Patrick Osborne, that will introduce cartoons in interaction with the actors, as only Disney can. But if what you have been missing is a western, the waiting has come to an end. Clint Eastwood, our favorite cowboy, is going back to Texas deserts in Cry Macho. The actor/director has turned 91 years old last May, Cry Macho being the 45th movie he has directed. Could it be that with every movie a director is reborn? If that’s the case, pass us the camera. The Duke has also came to show us the story of a man that takes on a new mission in his life. Based on a true story, it is a delicious movie that portrays the theft of the Duke of Wellington’s portrait painted by Goya. The thief? A new (old) Robin Hood that steels the painting and holds it ransom demanding for the State to act in support of the elderly population. Jim Broadbent plays the main role of the taxi driver in a performance that perfectly balances the British humor with the responsibility of a true story. And with the approach of October we start to snap our fingers and sing as the Adams are back. The Addams Family 2, a sequel to the animation movie about the scariest families of all, and we can barely wait to see it. Halloween inspiration is what saves us as we put away our Summer clothes, and in that category we can insert a woman with psychic abilities that is characterised as insane. A novel written by Victoria Mas named Le Bal Des Folles, has now been adapted to a namesake film. Written, directed and stared by Mélanie Laurent, this is a thriller characterised by the delicacy of the usual French directing. At last we have Sombra, a movie that moves beyond the field of art to the field of necessity. Based on the disappearance of Rui Pedro, when he was only 11 years old, in 1998, this story follows a mother looking for her missing child. Directed by Bruno Gascon, the movie has already received several awards in different festivals, and has brought back several cases of missing children.

New In: Exhibitions

With the travel bans being lifted we are looking for any reasons to travel, and isn’t art always the best reason?

SITE: Michigan Central Station

Library Street Collective

The Library Street Collective has developed an exhibition program that focuses on artists whose work represents a break from traditional artistic practice, either regarding the materials used or the actual space they are exhibiting in. SITE: Art and Architecture in the Digital Space is a project that has produced several exhibitions between the real and the digital world, in varied formats. SITE: Michigan Central Station is a collective exhibition created around the space of the train station with the same name, that will be showing the work of artists like Yoan Capote and Dominique Fung, among many others, exploring space from a conceptual, material and digital viewpoint. For more information visit www.lscgallery.com. 

Sturm & Drang

Prada Foundation

CGI, or Computer-Generated Imagery, is the theme of this exhibition. If you don’t know what this is, that’s another reason to visit this exhibit and go through representations of the future of imagery. Curated by Luigi Aberto Cippini, Fredi Fschli and Nield Olsen, Sturm&Dramg Studio is a public exploitation of the process and environment of CGI development. And if you find yourself thinking that it is not for you, go to Foundation cafe, designed by Wes Anderson, and pretend you’re in a movie. More information in www.fondazioneprada.org. 

Azzedine Alaïa, Peter Lindbergh

Azzedine Alaïa Foundation

Two iconic figures of Fashion that share an aesthetic are remembered in a dream exhibition for any Fashion lover out there. We are talking about Azzedine Alaïa and Peter Lindbergh exhibition in the Azzedine Alaïa Foundation in Paris, with some of the most beautiful images in the history of Fashion shown under the iron and glass ceiling of the foundation. “We don’t even have to talk. Everything flows” Alaïa said about his relationship with Lindbergh, and in this fluidity rests the geniality of their collaborative work. More information in www.fondationassedinealaia.org.

Thomas J Price Thoughts Unseen

Hauser & Wirth, Somerset

Hauser & Wirth gallery presents us their new exhibition Thomas J. Price Thoughts Unseen, in their Somerset space, Bruton, UK. Through their work, the artist explores power relations and how they are connected to identity perception and representation. With a clear conceptual focus, the exploitation of materials varies and the exhibition shows us works of sculpture, video and photography. In his first exhibition with Hauser & Wirth, the artist presents a retrospect of his work whilst also including recently produced pieces. More information in www.hauserwirth.com. 

The Mozorov Collection. Ícons of Modern Art

Louis Vuitton Foundation

The Louis Vuitton Foundation brings us the impressionist and modernist art collection of the Mozorov brothers, Mikhaïl and Ivan Morozov, in an exclusive moment that marks the first exhibition of this collection outside Russia since it was first created in the start of the twentieth century. Between September 22nd 2021 and February 22nd 2022, it’s possible to see the works of Picasso, Gauguin and Van Gogh, together with Russian artists like Kazimir Malevich and Ilia Repin and many others. And if you haven’t visited the Louis Vuitton Foundation yet this will also be an opportunity to see Frank Gehry’s building, an innovative construction designed with the architect’s signature aesthetic, framed by the Bois de Boulogne. More information in www.fondationlouisvuitton.fr. 

New In: Shows

Nothing can make us feel reborn quite like a good show. When the lights are off and the curtains go up, we no longer feel like just a body, we are soul, we are spirit, we are alive. 

Hora de Visita

Father and daughter meet in a hospital room after years apart after their father falling terminally ill. It doesn’t sound like a comedy does it? Well, it is. Pedro Goulão recognises humor in the emotionally charged encounter and isn’t comedy what makes unbearable situations bearable? Staring Mafalda Lencastre and Pedro Lacerda, Hora de Visita is the show to see at Teatro da Trindade between September 9th and October 24th. More information in www.teatrotrindade.inatel.pt.

North Music Festival

Are you missing a good festival? So are we, and we look North to lead the way. Between September 30th and October 2nd Porto will be hosting the North Music Festival, with Ornatos Violeta, One Republic and The Script headlining the festival. The Northern band GNR, which is celebrating 40 years of music career, will also be there as well as Throes + Shine, Linda Martini and Capicua, and many others. We are going for the music, the beer and, of course, the francesinhas. More information in www.northmusicfestival.com.

Pais & Filhos

“Imagine a theatre show that combines the literary value of one of the most celebrated novels in world literature with the public debate of contemporary society on a difficult subject brought to life by revolutionary queer activism: the abolishment of family.” This is the presentation of Pais & Filhos, a project developed by Pedro Penim, based on Ivan Turgueniev’s novel with the same name and inspired by Shopie Lewis’ Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family. A piece that “deepens the debate of family and parenthood”, with Hugo van der Ding, Joana Barrios, Rita Blanco and Penim himself, among others. More information in www.teatrosaoluiz.pt.


Andy, coming to Teatro Nacional D. Maria II in September, will be the first musical theatre piece produced by Gus Van Sant. The director of Good Will Hunting, the movie that launched Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s careers, is in Portugal to give life to a piece based on the pop art icon, Andy Warhol. Gus Van Sant was invited by John Romão, founder and artistic director of BoCA Contemporary Art Biennale, to produce a theatre piece in the context of the biennale, and with this invite Andy was born. New York City in the 60’s and 70’s was transformed by Andy Warhol. Between art installations, prints, movies and photographies, Andy Warhol was merging niche and pop cultures, changing the way the whole world thought about art. “His discourse was revolutionary and we feel the impact of Pop Art to this day”, says John Romão on the influence of the artistic movement. With the creation of the Factory, Warhol’s atelier where all of his work was produced, the artist photographed, gathered and introduced some of the biggest pop culture personalities ever. “Andy altered the way artists relate to media and their own work, and also the way that critics and the people related to the concept of fame and notoriety”, says musical director Paulo Furtado (known as The Legendary Tigerman). Artists, socialites and lost souls, from Basquiat to David Bowie, everyone would pass by the Factory, and we will all be able to see Andy Warhol’s life through Gus Van Sant’s eyes on September 23rd. More information in www.bocabienal.org.

Queer Lisboa

From September 17th up until the 25th we'll be celebrating the 25th edition of Queer Lisboa, and this year we can count on the presence of American movie director Gus Van Sant. Born in 1997, Queer Lisboa is a festival with a mission to connect the artists, audiences and stories through the creation of a space that expands beyond cinematographic experiences to workshops and debates, amongst many other activities. The festival presents an eclectic movie selection, as well as the development of an investigative discourse on the work, and on the aesthetic presented by the movies’ narratives. More information in www.queerlisboa.pt. 

Originally translated from the New Beginnings issue, published September 2021.Full credits and stories on the print issue.

Ana Murcho e Margarida Oliveira By Ana Murcho e Margarida Oliveira


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