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Tendências 2. 9. 2021

English Version | Accessories Trends: New Beginnings

by Ana Caracol & Eduarda Pedro


© Burberry

Mine is bigger than yours

There is no doubt: the size matters just as much as what you do with it. In this case, you can do whatever you want, because next winter’s purses can carry the world inside them. At least, your own. If they ask you if you always carry your whole house with you, say yes - because it can fit inside any of these specimens you can hold on your hand, shoulder or even under the arm.

I’m on the moon

We’ll probably never step on the moon, but that won’t stop us from channeling our inner Neil Armstrong. You just need to imagine the sidewalk as your lunar ground and pick the boots that live up to the spatial ambition. The boot propositions for the low temperature season are from another planet.

If the hat fits…

...don’t be afraid to wear it. If you’ve always thought masks were gonna be handy in the winter, this is much better than you could have imagined: it’s cold outside and neither your style or your hair need to suffer. So, let’s celebrate knit hats, in padded versions, patterned or with masks included.

Goggle it

Go big or go home is the motto when the time comes to pick sunglasses for the winter. Almost rivalling with snow goggles, the idea is to think big. Because this is the size of glasses for the cold season, with models for every taste. As long as yours is for XL options.

Originally translated from the New Beginnings issue, published September 2021.
Full credits and stories on the print issue.

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