4. 3. 2021

English Version | Shopping: Creativity Issue

by Ana Caracol and Eduarda Pedro


Bags & crafts

Who doesn't love those picnic baskets, made in wicker, synonymous with warmth and good times? This trend combined the “ordinary” bags that we use on a daily basis with these straw bags (there are also those who call them wicker bags), and the result is for all to see. They come in various sizes and shapes and, by mixing the wisdom of the past with the technology of the future, are true works of art, worthy of artisans.

To each their own

It is not because we spend more time indoors at home that we are going to neglect the use of certain accessories. Like hats, which this season arrive more extravagant than ever, ready to satisfy all tastes: bowler hats, bucket hats, protective hats, sun visors, colorful, with patterns, there is one for each mood. With so many options, the difficult thing is to choose (only) one.

My eyes say future

If the adage says, it’s because it is. And what the adage says, in this case, is: "Forward is the way." In current language, that is, in fashion, this means that the glasses of next summer point to the future, to what is yet to come. With our eyes set on tomorrow, which we want to be (much) better and (much) brighter, this trend will give a cool air to our looks while, at the same time, protecting us from the sun.

One inch closer to the dream

When it comes to platforms, the sky is the limit. We just need to be careful with the wind. But what wind, if from now on all we are going to have are days when the only breeze is the one that comes from the sea? This season, creativity was the watchword, and brands like Kenzo, Bottega Veneta and Simone Rocha gave a lift of originality to the sandals that we will want to use next summer.

*Originally published in The Creativity Issue of Vogue Portugal, from march 2021.
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