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04 Mar 2021
By Ana Saldanha

A true beauty lover dreams about the most pigmented eyeshadows, unsmudgeable lipsticks, porcelain-finish foundations, and highlighters that can be seen from Mars. We gathered some new launches to tell you if they are worth dreaming of or not.

A true beauty lover dreams about the most pigmented eyeshadows, unsmudgeable lipsticks, porcelain-finish foundations, and highlighters that can be seen from Mars. We gathered some new launches to tell you if they are worth dreaming of or not. Promises: to be a lip sealer with a transparent finish that makes your lipstick stain, water, and kiss proof. It has an alcohol base but the bergamot and lavender oil nourish and protect the lips. Vogue’s word: the dream would be a mask-proof product, and, from what I could confirm, it is. It’s a little bottle with a transparent liquid that reminds me of a nail product or something that we wouldn’t associate with the lips - and when it is applied, the smell of alcohol is very noticeable. However, it dries super quickly and it does make any lipstick (excluding glossy and super creamy textures) into a long-lasting product. I was afraid it would be too matte and uncomfortable long-term but it didn’t happen, it just gave the lipstick a velvety finish, but not dry or flaky. If you miss putting on a statement lip but you’re not a big fan of liquid matte lipsticks, give this product a try. Lipsealer MagicFix, €12,90, Artdeco. Promises: to be full coverage and long-lasting with a natural finish. The foundation keeps the skin feeling hydrated and comfortable with a non-greasy light feel. Water, sweat, and humidity resistance with up to 16 hours of wear. Vogue’s word: the product isn’t exactly new, but it has been launched in a mini version of 13 ml (the original has 30ml), which seemed to me like a very smart move since we have been spending most of our time at home and trying not to wear as much makeup - I can count with one hand the times I used foundation in the last months. But if I had to choose a few products that can make me look presentable and like I have my life put together in any Zoom call, one has to be this foundation. It really gives you a second-skin feel, it is very light with a demi-matte finish that doesn’t dry you out. I don’t think it is full-coverage (especially when applied with a sponge), which to me is a plus, but might not be the one if you are looking to cover every imperfection. In the meantime, there are only 21 shades being made in the mini version, compared to the 42 full-size shades, but we hope this is temporary. The mini size is ideal if you want to try something without committing to a big bottle. Mini Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15, € 23, Bobbi Brown. Promises: light, long-lasting, and easy to blend textures. The size of the pans invites you to use your fingers to apply the product. The colors are intense and dazzling and the compact alludes to a combination between past and future. Vogue’s word: nothing can make you push your boundaries like not having an option. Nothing pulls you out of your comfort, nude, neutral, and beige zone like a colorful and shimmery mini palette. I gave myself the task of trying out some colorful looks every morning using only this palette. The literal outcome was an exercise of colorful eyeliners and smoky looks, pops of color in the inner corners, and full-on metallic green eyelids (in the shade Karma ). The figurative outcome was the realization that a touch of color and sparkle can change your whole mood, even if the rest looks kinda grey. Speaking of the formula, some are nicer than the others and some are less opaque - and to fix this using your fingers really helps but if you use a brush, make sure to pat some more eyeshadow with your fingertips to finish the look and give you a little more payoff. If you also fell in love with this packaging but you’re not really into color and prefer a more neutral version, Byredo has got you covered - and the pallette’s name is very appropriately Corporate colours. Eyeshadow 5 Colours in Sciomancer, € 62, Byredo in byredo.com. Promises: a panoramic look and stronger lashes. The formula has damask rose extract, castor oil, peptides, and arginine to join beauty and treatment for longer and thicker lashes. Vogue’s word: a mascara might not look like the most innovative launch, but without this no look is complete. This new product by Sisley comes in classic black, a dark brown, and a dark blue. I personally prefer mascaras that elongate and separate the lashes instead of volumizing ones. And don’t get me wrong, a bold and luscious lash has its time and place and it’s perfect for a more dramatic look, but in my everyday life, I prefer the awake look and this mascara has the right name for that: So stretch because it really elongates the lashes without clumping them together. The effect is natural enough for no-makeup makeup days but it also works well with minimalist looks, neutral or colorful, especially when you don’t want your lashes to cover your eyelids. The thin and conic brush can cover all your lashes, even the bottom ones, without any accidents. And about the ingredients: even if it is only noticeable long-term, using a product with fortifying actives is always a bonus. So Stretch Mascara in the shade Deep Black, € 52,5, Sisley. Promises: the comfort of a balm with a melts with your skin texture. The stick blush hydrates and subtly illuminates. Vogue’s word: this product screams summer and warm weather - as it should since it is part of the new spring collection. Since it is not very pigmented and due to its buttery finish, I find it ideal to use it directly on bare skin since its stick application might drag the foundation underneath. It is available in two shades but the coral one is very light and therefore a darker skin tone wouldn’t be able to use it as a blush. The pink one is more pigmented and perfect for that natural but noticeable blush. I think this is a very nice product to have on hand and on the go to get a little color on the lips and cheeks, applying it with your fingers. The luminous and slightly glossy finish doesn’t make it very long-lasting, comparing to cream-to-powder blush products. However, it’s exactly that glossy finish that makes this a hybrid between highlighter, cream blush, and colorful lip balm. It’s a multipurpose product for people who love natural, fresh, and luminous makeup. Blush Stick Glow - Pure Glow Collection Limited Edition no tom Coral Glow, € 30,15, Dior. *Originally published in The Creativity Issue of Vogue Portugal, from march 2021.Full credits on the print version.  

Ana Saldanha By Ana Saldanha


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