3. 9. 2020

English Version | United we hope


Different experiences mean divergent hopes. Different genders long for and seek distinct purposes. Expectations evolve with the conquest of a new age, the origins of each one of us inspire different desires, the different wills and backgrounds dictate variable creeds and faiths. But Hope, the one written with an upper case, that lives at the core of the soul and the center of the heart, manifested in all of these multiple purposes, expectations, desires, creeds and faiths, sees no age, sex, religion, skin color or sexual orientation. She, just like love, is common to all of us, uniting us in our differences, in the hope that those individual traits dissipate for us to be equal. Because we are equal. Photography by Eva Wang in collaboration with Antoine Bedos. Styling by Joana Dacheville.

Translated from Vogue Portugal's Hope issue, out September 2020. All credits in the original articles.
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