31. 10. 2020

English version | Trends: The Beauty of Imperfection

by Ana Caracol and Eduarda Pedro



For those who associate the beautiful with the symmetrical, it may be time to break with this (very old-fashioned) canon of beauty. We are not all born in the image and likeness of the Vitruvius man and perfection, sorry for the spoiler ... does not exist! Asymmetries are beautiful, yes, and to prove it we have brands and designers, such as Dilara Findikoglu, Prabal Gurung and Off-White, who took this concept and elevated it. Pieces with cuts in unusual places, seams turned inside out and unusual silhouettes, these are the traits that identify this trend, which is as beautiful and it is imperfect.

Little by little does the trick

Patchwork was born at a time when it was necessary to save the pieces of fabric as much as possible. Nowadays, we have enough fabric (maybe even too much) but that is not why this trend should disappear, on the contrary. At a time when brands are increasingly aware of excesses and textile waste, this technique, which unites materials of various shapes, is very useful. And no, it's not old-fashioned or passé. The patchwork is as cool now as it was at its peak, in the 70’s, and its revival offers us compositions that resemble paintings by Mondrian or Kandinsky. And, of course, just as quickly it fills our eyes, it empties our wallet...

Fabrics for days 

What if giant shoulders suddenly grew on us? Or if, for example, our arms were longer? You never thought of that, did you? Of course, that's what creatives are for, they who spend time rambing around, and making everything that seems impossible real - and that bring us things that we never imagined, but that we end up loving. We may not be able to change our body shape that much (we don't even want to!), but the clothes we wear can do that for us. Pointed, with frills or more rounded, this mood is everything the customer wants, as long as there is fabric!

Originally published on Vogue Portugal November issue, "The Beauty of Imperfection
Full credits and story on the print issue.