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11 Mar 2022
By Vogue Portugal

A balm for the body. A source of energy for the mind. Few are the things as refreshing and relaxing as massages.

A balm for the body. A source of energy for the mind. Few are the things as refreshing and relaxing as massages. 

Spa & Fitness Center, Ritz Four Seasons 

Promises: To treat the muscular and postural stress caused by working long hours on a desk, laptop or mobile, and also the damages caused by the impact of blue light, which accelerates skin ageing. Vogue’s word: This treatment aims to release both body and mind from the tensions caused by the fast-paced lifestyle of big cities. It starts with a feet bath and is followed by reflexology techniques (those that makes us feel like “we have been beaten up real bad”) on the lombar area. After that, it’s time to enjoy a Spirulina mask, from the Azorean brand Ignae, which enhances cell regeneration. The experience ends with a head massage (or the best ten minutes of our day) which reharmonises our energetic circulation. Being impossible to point flaws at this Spa, probably one of the best in the country, we get the feeling that, for it to be absolutely perfect, this treatment should include at least the legs. There were not contemplated at any moment, and that would be the treat that any woman with bad circulation would not forget.    

Clínica da Farma&cia 

Promises: To enhance bio stimulation, respecting the cell physiology, and contribute to the rebalance of the cell and normalise the potential of its membrane. Vogue’s word: From the moment I entered Clínica da Farma&cia, I knew that I would be living an experience completely adapted to my needs. After a quick evaluation, the professionals advised me to take a radio frequency treatment using the INDIBA machine, at the same time the magical hands of the physical therapist Raquel guided my spine in the attempt of correcting bad posture caused by long hours sitting at a desk. The heat emitted by INDIBA was indeed one of the best parts of the experience, since it provided a certain type of muscular relaxation that couldn’t be obtained in any other way. I left the clinique feeling lighter, almost as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  

Anantara Spa, Tivoli Avenida

Promises: “The East meets the East” in this massage which combines the concept of lines or energetic meridionals used in Thai massages, using pressure points and stretches to release stagnated energy and balancing internal organs. The oil selection, combined with therapeutic movements, stimulates circulation and promotes deep relaxation, while it restaures the energy flow through the meridional lines. Vogue’s word: I actually would say that “Transcendent meets Terrain” during these 90 minutes preceded by an exfoliation which prepares the skin for a relaxation oil of your choice and for an experience that revitalizes both body and soul. From what I can recall - because I can guarantee you that, for some time, my mind shut down, achieving some kind of nirvana - a firm but delicate touch from a pair of hands that felt like they never detached from my skin, as ninjas, not only unblocked tensions but also made sure that I could travel towards a weekend away - instead of reality, a late Monday afternoon in the city centre. And to have, today, at the heart of the city, a space that allows us to unplug from stress at the same time it massages the worries away from the body, side by side with toxins, it’s not a luxury, it’s a need.

Six Senses Douro Valley

Promises: To reduce signs of ageing, relief fatigue, induce sleep, strengthen skin and stimulate the immune system. Vogue’s word: Abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves massaging your entire body, from head to toe, with hot oil - and here “hot” doesn’t mean boiling, but rather “cozy”. It has a multitude of benefits, all of them studied by traditional Indian medicine, but the most immediate of them all is definitely pure relaxation. It’s unlikely that, after an hour, our body will become instantly younger or slimmer; however, it’s undeniable the “magical” effect of this massage, which has the wand of taking care of every inch of our being. Clearly the fact that we’re laying down in front a breath-taking landscape may also cause a placebo effect. Even so, this treatment is, like so many others that are done here, an invite to a regular practice of mindfulness and self-care. 

Translated form the original on The Body Issue, from Vogue Portugal, published March 2022.Full stories and credits on the print issue.

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