21. 1. 2021

English Version | Test Drive

by Ana Saldanha


It is the beauty step that makes us spend the most time in the mirror just to make sure we don’t find traces of mascara in our pillowcases. Let’s talk about makeup removal.

Promises: To remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse the skin without making it feel dry and itchy and also strengthen the skin barrier and giving it some hydration leaving it silky and comfortable. Vogue’s word: It is indeed very gentle and has a pleasant consistency and an aroma similar to oat and almond milk. I tested it against mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, SPF, and every product you can incorporate on a daily routine and my take is that it is more suited to remove light makeup, SPF, and traces of oil and pollution that can build up on the skin during the day. The skin is left comfortable due to a soft cleanse, without feeling dry or pulling. This can the best friend of drier skin types that look for a delicate cleansing step. Cleansing Milk, € 18,95, Mádara, organii.com.

Promises: A deep cleanse that is gentle and effective at the same time. Clinically proven to remove waterproof makeup, pollution, and SPF. It also purifies, balances, and hydrates the skin. Vogue’s word: The pros start to appear even before using it since it has a very interesting and innovative texture. The product is a thick jelly that you warm up in your hands to turn it into an oil that melts away the makeup. After that, you add water and emulsify to turn the oil into a cleansing milk - the emulsifying product it’s slightly harder than what happens with a cleansing oil, probably because it has a thicker texture. When the oil turns to milk, the skin is left deeply clean. The fragrance is slightly sweet and fruity but not too overpowering. After using this product the skin feels cleans but not dry and there is no oily or sticky residue left behind. Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser, € 27, REN, renskincare.com.

Promises: A sensorial experience for a true wellness moment. Combining three oils, it removes makeup - even the most stubborn products - and cleanses the skin. Vogue’s word: From packaging to texture and fragrance, this rich balm elevates the makeup removing gesture to a true experience. It feels super buttery and melts immediately as soon as it comes in contact with the heat of your hands, turning into an oil. If you’re someone who runs away from fragrance, this is a pass, but if you like to turn your skincare routine into a luxurious beauty ritual, this is the way to go. The formula contains three oils (babassu, shea, and macadamia) but it doesn’t leave behind any oily residue and my combination to oily skin didn’t complain about this balm. And about its makeup removal abilities: not even the glitter stood a chance. Triple-Oil Balm, €96,40,Sisley.

Promises: A gentle cleanse, formulated specifically to remove makeup while leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated. The star of the formula is squalane, an ingredient that is naturally present in our skin and has is crucial for keeping it hydrated. Vogue’s word: This was my first encounter with makeup removing products that aren’t a liquid you use on a cotton round. The inicial texture is a gel-cream that turns to oil in 10 to 30 seconds when you rub it between your palms. It is the only oil-based product I can use alone without feeling the need to follow with a water-based cleanser, which is very handy on lazy days. It emulsifies and rinses off super easily leaving no trace of oil. Squalane Cleanser, € 7,20, The Ordinary, deciem.com.

Promises: To strengthen the skin barrier. Can be used AM or PM to remove impurities, pollution and makeup. Vogue’s word: Micellar waters are super practical solutions and I personally use them to remove some eyeshadows that have a tendency to spread glitter all over your face. This particular product by Vichy is formulated with the brand’s mineral thermal water and since it is suitable for sensitive skin, it is very gentle to the eye area. However, there is still the idea that micellar waters don’t have to be removed from the skin, but this isn’t true. The cleansing ability of this type of product comes from detergent agents that when left on the skin can be sensitizing. After you cleanse your face with micellar waters, rinse it off with warm water, and continue with your skincare routine. Mineral Micellar Water for sensitive skin Pureté Thermale, € 11,60, Vichy.

Translated from the original on Vogue Portugal's The Mirror issue, published january 2021.