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English Version | Test Drive: Underground issue

07 Oct 2021
By Vogue Portugal

We take the underground literally to enter beauty from below: from the earth to the face and hair. From clay to coal, there are precious minerals in the skincare routine and the market didn’t hold back on discovering their greatest benefits.

We take the underground literally to enter beauty from below: from the earth to the face and hair. From clay to coal, there are precious minerals in the skincare routine and the market didn’t hold back on discovering their greatest benefits.

Promises: to reduce facial impurities. If used daily, the skin will look fresh and purified, prettier and more natural. Vogue’s word: it’s hard to find a clay mask that is fit for all skin types, but this bet by SkinLabo has no restrictions. Probably because it’s not too harsh which, for a skin like mine, allows for it to be used almost as a daily detox product. And the results definitely lived up to the expectation. Purified look? Check. Fresh? Check. Prettier? We hope so. The natural part will come from the tranquility of using a product that prioritizes a list of ingredients straight from the ground. In case you have a vegan skincare routine, SkinLabo’s pink clay mask is a safe product to add to your shopping cart.

Pink clay mask, € 9, SkinLabo.

Promises: to absorb all natural oils, exfoliate and purify, as well as help fighting acne. Vogue’s word: It is known that pimples are not an exclusive condition of teenagers, and this product is ideal for the ones still suffering from this skin condition. When used regularly, it helps decrease oiliness of the skin and dry out early phase pimples. You can feel the peppermint oil in the scent and in the freshness it leaves in the skin, a feeling of complete pureness (don’t be scared if you feel a slight tingle at first, it says to be normal in the first use). Besides, clay and ground azuki beans gently exfoliate the skin and help deeply clean the pores and remove blackheads. In a nutshell: a product for all oily skinned people to have on their shelf.

Mask of Magnaminty, € 10,95, Lush.

Promises: to deeply cleanse the scalp, give more volume and nourish the hair. Vogue’s word: This mask is destined for those with naturally oily hair and, being one of those people, I can say this product gives another level of cleansing. When used before the shampoo, the scalp is incredibly fresh and, when dry, you can feel that the hair is lighter, but not dehydrated. The lengths are silky and smooth, without losing any moisture. After one application, the hair won’t need to be washed that soon.

Balancing clay, € 41,45, Kérastase.

Promises: to eliminate toxins and impurities, illuminate and soothe the face at the same time it promotes a healthy cell renovation. Vogue’s word: there’s something therapeutic about creating your own mask instead of just squeezing it out of a tube, and it’s important to not dissociate this factor from the experience. Mixing pink clay with some water until it forms a paste is the first step of a calming routine - for the skin and the nervous system. Afterwards, you apply it to the face once a week, take the opportunity for a #selfcare selfie and let the magic of these simple ingredients do the work. It’s easy to apply and soft to touch, the skin is instantly looking clean, uniform and light, but not oily, yet matte. For all skin types, you can take it to the next level following the recipe on the website, mix the clay with Neroli water, avocado oil and a couple drops of lemon essential oil. Did someone say at home spa? 

Pink clay powder, € 14, Rowse.

Promises: to leave skin clean and refined with its rebalancing and purifying action. Vogue’s word: Like a mask made for combination and oily skin, one of the immediate effects after its use is how clean you’ll feel. The face is quite less oily and with a smooth and soft texture. Until the next cleansing, it’s remarkable how much less natural oils you’ll produce. Besides, the pores also appear to look smaller, leaving a velvety touch.

Purifying mask, € 68,70, Eisenberg.

Promises: to remove impurities and clarify the skin, leaving a calming, smooth and radiant sensation. Vogue’s word: this isn’t like your regular coal maks, that dries out and pulls on your skin, leaving it completely dry. It has a much smoother texture than anticipated, partly because you should only let it sit for two minutes, which allows the gel to retain its moisture. After, you should scrub a little, to create some foam which will clean out impurities of the skin. The sensation this mask leaves is one of freshness and brightness, which makes it a great first step in a beauty routine of a special day.

Detoxifying and glow mask, € 22,95, Nuxe.

Originally translated from the Underground issue, published October 2021.Full credits and stories on the print issue.



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