17. 5. 2022

English version | Table of contents: Fairy tale issue

by Vogue Portugal



16 Editor’s Letter

20 Team 

22 Backstage 

312 To be continued


30 Trends. Sparkle, fantasy, princess dresses. Say hello to the warm season.

36 The gilded age. Our childhood dreams have come true.

38 Cinderella shoes. We found the most wanted crystal shoes in the world.

40 Say yes to the dress. Wedding gowns for all tastes.

42 More-than-perfect guests. Or how to get in the best dressed list. By Carolina Queirós.

46 Once Upon a Time… the most wanted shoes and purses? They are here.

56 The girl in the tower. Rapunzel would have loved these jewels and watches.

60 Princess warrior. Princesses aren’t what they used to be. Creative direction and styling by Sayuri Bloom. Photography by Hristo Hristov.

70 The king goes naked. But not the queen, if it’s up to Max Mara.

74 The king of the seven seas. Calzedonia’s new collection has offers for every mermaid.


78 Roteiro.

88 Wonderland. Kirsty Mitchell’s photos are from another world.

100 Once upon a time… the fairy tales we don’t usually read.

104 Somewhere over the rainbow. What if fairy tales were more inclusive?

108 I do believe in fairies. Fairies aren’t always what they seem.

112 The bad boys spell. We demystify the attraction for bad boys.

116 Candy says: “It’s the sugar epidemic, stupid”. Sugar or a pandemic? By Nuno Miguel Dias.

122 Magic Castle. In this castle, the princess is in charge of the decor.



130 Trends. Pink blush, bouffant hair and sparkle. It’s the summer of 2022.

134 Beauty and the filter. We explain the dependency on #instagramfilters. 

142 #RoyalShelfies. What if princesses posted pictures of their beauty shelves?

148 Flora, Fauna & Primavera. The fairy trio that helped Aurora gain protagonism. Photography by Greg Lotus. Styling by dModaCreative. Hair by Danny Jelaca. Makeup by Pablo Rivera.

158 Flower gleam and glow. Cutting hair is a radical change. Even for a princess. 

160 The boy who didn’t want to grow up. Peter Pan Syndrome isn’t a myth. By Pureza Fleming.

164 Test Drive. The best products for the body, tested.

168 The princess diaries. The monthly favorites.

174 Spellbound. And it didn’t finish when the night came to an end. Photography by Eva Wang. Styling by Célia Moutawahid. Hair by Michal Bielecki. Makeup by Satoko Watanabe.

184 Who’s the fairest of them all? In fairy tales, princesses are always young and beautiful. But why? By Pureza Fleming.



190 The princess and the pea. Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, adapted to the 21st century. Styling by Nina Ford.

206 Beauty and the beast. Do fairy tales perpetuate a stereotype about women?

212 (S)elf Service. In defense of elves and unicorns. Creative direction and photography by Alexandra Sophie. Styling by Audrey Taillée.

232 The fairy tale world of fashion. Fashion and fairy tales: who inspires who?

236 Robin Hood. Here, the hero is a woman. Creative direction and photography by Élio Nogueira. Styling by Newheart Z. Ohanian.

250 I now pronounce you… divorced. There are happy divorces. By Pureza Fleming. 

254 The princess diaries. Princesses wear couture.

262 Not everything is good about the bad and the villain. The (possible) defense of villains. By Diego Armés.

266 The ant and the grasshopper. Life imitates ant? Photography by Javier Castán. Styling by Alicia Padrón.

280 “That’s it, play the part”. The fascinating world of roleplaying. By Nuno Miguel Dias.

284 Rumpelstilskin. Albert Watson, the genius of photography, in an interview. Photography by Albert Watson.

300 Night Tales. The night can also be magical. Photography by Róza Wiktoria Tyborowska. Styling by Marko Vrbos.

Originally translated from Vogue Portugal's The Quote Issue, published April 2022.
For full credits and stories, check the print version.