4. 3. 2021

English Version | Deep Blue Something


Pink dreams? No. Over here, one dreams in blue... dark blue, deep blue, the blue of such a depth that it can be mistaken for black.

In a visual representation of the state of mind while navigating between the abstract and the palpable, in that dream state where it seems
that we exist simultaneously on a real and surreal plane, this poetic representation of dreams that does not know of space or time. It only knows the peculiar elements that overlap, layer upon layer, merging without logic - or with the logic coming solely from imagination. It is within this, in a minimal scenario where the environment gains a status of props, where dreams manifest. In deep blue, not pink. Photography by Anne Piqué. Styling by Noémie Beltran.

*Translated from the original published on Vogue Portugal's the Creativity issue, from March 2021.
Full story and credits on the print version.