5. 6. 2021

English Version | Poster People


You never judge a book by its cover, but how many times have we bought records for its cover art?


As many as the concert and band posters we collected because we liked the group and the singer or singer, of course, some because we liked their performance, their voice, their creative direction. We loved the way they talked about that musicality with just that one image, even though the audio part would only be heard live on one of thoses dates listed on the t-shirt we would buy after the show. The way it contained (our) memories, witnesses of a musical phase that today we say we want to forget - but that we truly love to remember. The way we made our lives under its gaze, there, on that bedroom wall, already half torn, a little in sync of the tears that adolescence and youth brought us. Creative direction and photography by Ricardo Abrahao. Styling by Rodrigo Polack.

Originally published on Vogue Portugal's The Music Issue, from june 2021.
Full stories and credits on the print issue.