6. 11. 2020

English Version | Portfolio: Julia Malkova

by Ana Murcho


Julia Malkova started making collage four years ago. Totally by chance. This art form is not her profession, it is just her hobby. Despite having, at this time, almost 80 thousand followers on her Instagram account, the largest museum in the universe, Malkova sees her work as something natural. "I came to this style almost immediately, because I like vintage things and everything that is unusual." No, the Russian artist did not give Vogue a long interview about her wishes and inspirations. “I don't speak English, I use a translator. I may not be being very clear on what I'm telling you. ” And so the creator presents, in the purest form, its creation. Because, as the saying goes, some pictures are worth a thousand words.

Originally published on Vogue Portugal November issue, "The Beauty of Imperfection." 

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