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12 Nov 2021
By Vogue Portugal

A good product leaves us speechless. So, for these sustainable options, we let the results speak for themselves.

A good product leaves us speechless. So, for these sustainable options, we let the results speak for themselves.

Promises: to brighten up and illuminate the skin, at the same time it protects against pollution. 

Vogue’s word: three purposes on one product? Almost seems like one of those chocolate advertisements that come with a toy, but the reality is even sweeter. This bet by Caudalie was based on finding active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid with its anti-aging and hydrating properties, polyphenols with its anti-wrinkles and anti-oxidant action, and Vitamin C which works not only as an anti-oxidant, but also as a radiance booster, to make a triple promise. And it fulfils: with a rich but easily absorbed texture, the luminous effect is almost instantaneous; while its action against wrinkles and pollution only time will tell, even though, with the brand’s record, we can only expect good things. And why is the reality even sweeter? Because its formula, just like it others from the brand, is vegan, PEG and silicon free, and is made out of 97% ingredients of natural origin. And despite not having perfume, the product leaves a slight scent of “nature”, in the lack of a better word to describe it. 

3-1 Energy Moisturizer Vinergetic C+, € 35,90, Caudalie. 


Promises: to nourish, repair and protect both skin and hair.

Vogue’s word: any beauty addict that can be considered as such already used, at some point, the famous Huile Prodigieuse, the most famous body oil in the world. Its delicious scent is addictive, and its natural properties make it one of the most well-known products in the Beauty industry. To celebrate the 30 year anniversary of this masterpiece, Nuxe launched a 100% vegan and natural version of it. This bio formula is enriched by plum extracts and sesame seeds, and it has a floral scent with notes of néroli, which enables a feeling of serenity and well-being. Just like his older brother, it has a light, not greasy texture, and its application leaves the skin feeling soft and “smooth”. The only not so good thing… for the fans of the original version, which I also find myself in, it is missing that unique scent that until today no one was able to reproduce. 

Body oil Huile Prodigieuse Néroli, € 32,90, NUXE. 


Promises: to hydrate and nourish the face, thanks to the calming and repairing properties of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, argan oil and avocado oil.

Vogue’s word: just by the sleek and minimalist aesthetic of this Portuguese brand, we instantly feel the need to see this product on our Beauty shelf. After opening, however, it is the strong lemon scent that becomes the main characteristic of this serum. A scent that, personally, did not bother me, and even reminded me how the product I was holding in my hands had come directly from Nature to nourish my face. With a light and fluid texture, its application was simple, with only a few drops necessary to cover the areas in need. Even though its formula was strong in oils, I did not feel that this serum increasing the oily tendency of my own skin and, on the contrary, it ended up hydrating like as promised. Over all, this product is a good bet, having always the additional bonus of being environmentally friendly and a way to support local businesses.  

Facial serum, € 21,40, Miaskin


Promises: to strengthen the scalp, as to avoid hair loss and breakage. 

Vogue’s word: this product should be applied after washing the hair, but before using the hair dryer. Its subtile scent, infused with lemon and bergamot, is just one of the characteristic that distinguishes this spray, leaving the hair with a natural and harmonious fragrance. More than that, it is incredibly refreshing and it does not create oil - on the contrary, my hair felt even looser. In long term, using this spray frequently should strengthen the hair and leave a more healthy and smooth look, which I could not tell after only a few weeks of testing. 

Streghtening energizing rice hair water Izumi Tonic, € 39,45, Shu Uemura.


Promises: to exfoliate, hydrate and deeply nourish the skin, reducing signs of aging.

Vogue’s word: honey. The keyword here is honey. When we say that this face mask is made out of “honey and açaí”, we are not exaggerating. Not because of its color, not because of its texture, not because of its smell. It is because of the experience. As soon as we apply the mask (which such never be done without precautions, since it is possible that, at some point, small pieces start falling from our necks) we feel like we are entering a different universe, where we breathe life and nature. After ten minutes of self-care, the skin is definitely “fluffier” (we apologise to the experts, but there is no better word to describe what I felt after trying out this MPL’beauty product, a Portuguese brand that uses 100% natural and bio ingredients). 

Anti-aging face mask with honey and açaí, € 14, MPL’beauty.


Promises: to visibly reduce facial lines and wrinkles, as well as illuminating, hydrating and protecting the skin around the eyes.

Vogue’s word: the three metal spheres integrated in the applicator can make a difference just by themselves, especially on those days that begin too soon. The movements made during application help freshen up the face and depuff those morning dark circles. Also, the gel dries quickly, leaving the face looking bright and luminous, without needing a thick layer of the product. One thing is for sure: the eyes become undoubtedly more radiant, providing a more awaken appearance (even when I’m still sleepy). As far as the wrinkles and fine lines go, I admit that I still do not have much to correct, so the difference was not noticeable.

Radiance anti-fatigue eye roll-on Elixir Botanique, € 24,95, Yves Rocher.

Translated from the original in the No Comments issue of Vogue Portugal, from November 2021. 

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