6. 11. 2020

English version | Natural versus Artificial


Going back to the origins, the organic, to nature. The sustainable, the earth tones, and all bio colors are applauded. There is room for all of this and more, because sustainability does not always have to be only a reflection of the natural world.

In artificiality, one that does not come from "fake", but comes from artifice, shoulders are exaggerated, silhouettes are deformed, futuristic textures were planned to intrusively put the “error” in this season's wardrobe. If perfection is overrated, imperfection is exaggerated. And that's perfect anyway. Photography by Marco Cella. Styling by Woo Lee.

Translated from the original article from Vogue Portugal's The Beauty of Imperfection issue, published November 2020.
Full credits and story on the print issue.