15. 7. 2020

English version | My Other Self


In my world, there's room for everything - and everyone. In my twisted reality, I can fit myself, a ballet dancer, a theater actress and a painter, in a multiple personality that doesn't limit, it frees me. Hallucinations of a constant performance for an audience only I can see isn't a result of my imagination or any loss of mental abilities. Because in my insanity, in the insanity of a ballet dancer, of a theater actress and of a painter, madness isn'ta prison, it's the escape. And when madness is an escape, isn't fleeing the best route? Isn't it the path for a sprint towards happiness? It is. At least, until that final moment of clearness, that strips reality bare: the non-existent beauty of a world where there's room for everything -and everyone - and that is only real in my head. Creative direction and photography by Alex Blonde. Styling by Joana Dacheville.

*Full story and credits on Vogue Portugal's The Madness Issue.