7. 10. 2021

English Version | (Under)Ground Control to Major Tom


Which is like saying: lights, camera, action. Cinema was also prodigal in creating a visual support for the aesthetic that would accompany the subculture currents of the 60s and 70s and make it last in time, as a reference in Fashion and history. Today, the style of the sixties and seventies continues to inhabit our wardrobe in full throttle, impregnating in each hem, backstitch, button, the same free spirit that ruled or, better, emerged to rule that time. Although, in the pages that follow, it seems we're watching from behind the scenes, just as this underground movement once moved around, today it's the star of the show, season after season. Photography by Branislav Simoncik. Styling by Karla Gruszecka.

Originally translated from Vogue Portugal's Underground issue, published October 2021.
Full story and credits on the print issue.