4. 3. 2021

English Version | Spring Makeover

by Rui Matos


To look at spring as a symbol of prosperity is to look at the new season from a more optimistic perspective. And, for everything to align, the best thing to do is to start this change at home - currently, the center of our lives - so that when we have the opportunity to go out, we face the world in a more positive way.

Nature becomes it 

It is official: we run out of words to describe the homesickness we have for life abroad. We never wanted to be as connected to nature as we are now and, in the impossibility of living it to the full, this is the right season to bring the textures that characterize it into our homes.

Creative hub

If creativity calls creativity, let's create a loop in our home of ... you guessed it, creativity. We start in the living room with an extravagant sofa, move on to the home office with a disproportionate silhouette lamp and end up in the bedroom with a showy accessory that reminds us that it is the imagination that makes the world goes round and round.

Black or white, but never gray

Gray area? No thank you! If spring calls for a fresh start, taking the gray indoors doesn't seem like the most accurate decision. We will take options that bring us certainty, and bet on timeless tones, such as black and white. It's time to create the perfect harmony, and that means that these two colors can even exist in the same piece.

Teenage dreams

Like good Portuguese people, we are nostalgic. We learn to live with homesickness, and we like it. We miss everything, and that includes that pink room that served as a haven during our adolescence. Bringing that comfort to our 2021 self is bringing design pieces that scream "cute without being vulgar”.

Pattern noise

We are told that less is more. But we believe that less is boring. But only for patterns, of course. We will fill every nook and cranny with exuberant patterns - the more diverse the better. From the walls to the ceiling, from the pillows to the blankets, from the teacups to the dessert spoons, our house is a blank canvas waiting to be filled.


Translated from the original on Vogue Portugal's The Creativity Issue, published march 2021.
Full credits and spread on the print issue.