5. 6. 2021

English version | Just like a Rolling Stone


It's not just the musicality of the instruments. It is the musicality of the posture, attitude, movements.

It's the musicality of style, the wardrobe, accessories. It is the musicality of an image that makes a rock star, of a sound that makes an icon, of a symbiosis between the two that creates a legend. And it may seem like a musicality of excess, but it's just the excess in talent, eccentricity, coolness, dedication to the métier. Because when it comes to music, the one that moves us with emotions and intentions, pleasure and intensity, if it doesn't overflow, it's not worth it. We'd rather have silence. Photograph by Branislav Simoncik. Styling by Jan Kralicek.

Originally published on Vogue Portugal's The Music Issue, from june 2021.
Full stories and credits on the print issue.