7. 10. 2021

English Version | Journey to the Center of the Earth


A metaphorical center of the Earth. Entering the inland land can only be an expression to translate the exploration of the most hidden places in the city. It could mean entering through the unexpected tunnels of urban downtown. It may even be discovering the secret bunkers of times passed. Or even our own center, the symbolic one, the one which closes us off in our world under layers and layers of fears and regrets. Sometimes doing it through clothes. Those items that protect us in our cocoon, where it's just us. But when we hide underground, are we really being underground? Only when we let out what engulfs us in the underground of the soul can we ever begin to climb out of the bunker, from the ends of the Earth, towards the counterculture. Creative direction and photography by Ricardo Abrahao. Art direction by Bruna Bismarra. Styling by Fabiana Leite.

Originally translated from Vogue Portugal's Underground issue, published October 2021.
Full story and credits on the print issue.