31. 3. 2021

English Version | Table of contents: The Forbidden Issue



Editor’s Letter.

12 Imprint.

14 Backstage.

320 To be continued. 




18 Trends. Black, fishing nets, sportswear, crop tops and thongs. This spring we can wear, and mix, whatever we want.

28 “There’s no way you can wear that.” The problem with these pieces is that, for some people, they were too... much. By Pureza Fleming.

34 Fashion Crimes & Faux Pas. Hands in the air, according to purists, this is an attack on good taste. By Carolina Queirós.

38 It is Forbidden to Hide. No traffic signs will be able to stop these accessories.

46 Absolutely Fabulous. Eccentric? No, amazing.

50 Breaking the Rules. These jewels can be used in all possible ways.

52 Garden of Eden. Bvlgari has a new snake. Sorry, a new Serpenti.




58 Itinerary. What to see, what to read, what to do.

64 Your fire is not enough.These books will burn until the end. By Diego Armés.

68 Creative disagreements. A portfolio about works of art that were censored.

84 Wrong way. Short list of (strangely) prohibited things all over the world.

88 An apple a day and all prohibitions that lay. Long story short, the ones to blame are Adam, Eve, and the apple. By Nuno Miguel Dias.

92 Heaven and Earth. A dream hotel? No, The Wild Hotel.

100 Judgement Day. Who does not have a guilty pleasure that throws the first stone.

104 No judgements, please. When it comes to our place, we are the ones who decide. In decoration and pieces of art, more or less politically correct.




112 PG-13. The imagery is from the 70s and 80s, the desire is timeless. Fotography by Jamie Nelson. Styling by Karen Levitt. Hair by Christian Marc. Make-up by Denika Bedrossian.

130 Explicit content. In this case, the secret is (really) in the packaging. By Ana Saldanha.

132 They're boobs, you moron! Do we really need to explain what does this text is about?

136 Kybelé, the mother goddess. In the beginning, she was a goddess. Today, there are several. Fotography by Angelo Lamparelli. Styling by Özge Efek.

148 One-Person Society Limited. Why do we impose so many limits to ourselves?

152 The war on herbs. Some perfumes are for life, but it says that some may cease to exist, because of regulation. By Ana Saldanha.

156 Putting the sin in skin. Where we list the seven great sins of the skin. By Ana Saldanha.

160 Test-drive. Long live the red lipstick. By Ana Saldanha.

162 Red means go. Or by other words: red alert, these make-up products are from color of sin. By Ana Saldanha.

164 The pleasure is all mine (or not). Unfortunately, female empowerment still has a long way to go to go. By Pureza Fleming.




170 Adam & Steve. We could also have chosen other names. Because, in matters of the heart, we are all human. Fotography by Branislav Simoncik. Styling by Nina Ford.

190 Loved, lost and died loving. Once upon a time there were forbidden loves... By Pureza Fleming.

194 Living or below living? In a society full of rules, how to proceed? Which way to go? It's your decision. But remember: one life, live it well. Fotography by Fernando Uceda. Styling by Victor Vergara.

212 Brief anthology of exile. The real world, that of fear and persecution. By Diego Armés.

216 Who never… As Clarice Lispector would say: “Freedom is not enough. What I desire has no name yet.” Creative direction by James Cameron. Photograph by Johanna Nyholm. Styling by Lorna McGee.

230 Loving oneself is allowed. The women you see in these pages are more than Botticelli's Venus, they are the new heroines of the 20th century. Fotography by Arale Reartes. Styling by Stephania Yepes.

248 The unbearable anguish of being human. The guilt, always the guilt.

252 Not allowed? No way. Warning: don't try this at home, just enjoy the pictures.Photography by Stefan Imielski. Styling by Grace Maier.

262 Before it was "forbidden to forbid"... now what? From May '68 to today. By José Couto Nogueira.

266 No flash photography. There is a fine line between dream and reality. Along this line, anything is possible. Creative direction by Agathe Philippart and Joana Dacheville. Photography by Eva Wang in collaboration with Creature Studio. Styling by Joana Dacheville.

280 Prostitution - in the forbidden valley, prohibitions are off limits. Says it's the profession oldest in the world... By Nuno Miguel Dias.

286 Kháos. Out of the blue, man dreams and the art work is born. Photography by Ricardo Santos.

298 Adam’s apple. Why is it that the forbidden fruit is the most desirable?

302 Excuse me? Even if you won’t, this woman will limit herself. Creative direction by Josephine Cho. Photography by Ricardo Abrahao. Styling by Larissa Lucchese.