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07 May 2021
By Vogue Portugal

They go far beyond form and function. Intimissimi's new basics are designed to think of bodies, whatever they may be, and their movements. The outcome? Freedom and sweetness of unparalleled comfort.

They go far beyond form and function. Intimissimi's new basics are designed to think of bodies, whatever they may be, and their movements. The outcome? Freedom and sweetness of unparalleled comfort.

After months of lockdown, you've probably discovered a WFH look that works for you. Be it a loungewear set, a cardigan or a flowing dress, getting dressed in the morning gives us a feeling of normalcy in the middle of the most disorganized routine in memory. But regardless of your WFH look, there seems to be something that unites us right now: the decision not to wear a bra. Inside and outside the house. For many women, the freedom that comes from being free from the restrictions of a tyre or push-up is one of the few positive things to take away from the past few months (that, and having discovered the wonders of a banana bread, of course). However, letting boobs dance at their will is not for everyone, and many women prefer at least a little support to feel comfortable and cozy during the day. The solution? Replace the padding and tyre with something softer and more supportive. Insert here: Intimissimi's new basic collection. Why choose synthetic fibers, when you can have the advantages and naturalness of cotton? The comfort and lightness that a cotton garment provides, both physically and emotionally, helps us to simplify our choices in the world of underwear. Its hydrophilic properties are capable of absorbing up to 8% of moisture, that is, retaining excess sweat, keeping moisture away from the skin. In addition, it is a breathable and hypoallergenic fabric.

That said, why feel just fine, when you can really feel like you’re in the clouds? Lingerie by the Italian brand has always been designed with beauty in mind and inspired by femininity in all its variants. This “made in italy” is reflected in essentials made of natural and soft cotton, with clean lines, which combine simplicity and comfort, designed for all women. Through careful research and selection of fabrics with the best performance, Intimissimi offers new shapes and silhouettes that enhance the female body. Designed to empower women, the basics of the Italian brand allow us to feel good about ourselves, enhancing the body and letting it breathe, instead of creating unnecessary constraints. Although many women believe that these bras are designed exclusively for a smaller breast, Intimissimi proves that this is not the case at all. We can all enjoy a glorious bra without rims, regardless of the size of the cup. Inclusion is the watchword in this campaign. 

Choose between the Tiziana bra, with preformed and padded cups, or the seamless Greta balcony bra, available up to a cup D. The triangular version named Lara comes in a variety of cup sizes for those with bigger breast, with the option of crossed straps on the back. There is also Emma, ​​a seamless triangular bra with double-sided cup or, for a sportier look, choose the cotton version with elastic under the chest - which resembles a top. Combine with panties or thongs, available in gray, white, black or beige. Although it comes in basic shades of underwear, this cotton is guaranteed to be the sweetest there is. And because what is natural is good, cotton in contact with the skin is exceptional.

Translated from the original on the "Pink Issue", from may 2021.Full credits and story on the print version.

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