7. 10. 2021

English Version | Fire Festival


“Love is a fire that burns without being seen”, but not the underground. It can burn out of sight, but when it catches fire on the surface, it spreads through everything that is flammable: Music, Literature, Art, Fashion. It burns strongly until it consumes prejudices and rules and constraints to open the doors to a lifestyle where the wardrobe is what we say it is, and not the prevailing culture. Where the lifestyle is dominated by the vision of the self and not that of the society. Where the fire of our values, principles, of what we are, this fire that burns in our hearts, is fuel for us to be bigger and better. To live longer and fuller. Creative direction and styling by Alexandre Dornellas. Photography by Ivan Erick.

Originally translated from Vogue Portugal's Underground issue, published October 2021.
Full story and credits on the print issue.