12. 4. 2022

English version | Robin Hood

by Vogue Portugal


Robin-who? In this story, the forest is an enchanted forest and the protagonist does not plagiarize any fairy tale, she creates her own narrative. She doesn't need a fairy godmother or a Prince Charming. The only bad witch is the one who resides on her dark side (we all have darkness, even the noblest of women) and magic happens in the natural world. Love? Only the one we nurture for ourselves and for the environment. The one that serves as a backdrop, a bed, and a home, the one that feeds her body and soul with its resources, the one that serves as an escape almost without leaving the place, that bewitches her like Alice in Wonderland. Alice-who? Creative direction and photography by Élio Nogueira. Styling by Newheart Z. Ohanian.

Translated from the original on The Fairytale Issue, from Vogue Portugal, published May/June 2022.
Full stories and credits on the print issue.