11. 5. 2022

English version | Night Tales

by Vogue Portugal


The ones that arise when we close our eyes. When we dream, where do we go? And what stories do we tell? And what character do we play? The nightly fairy tales shrouded in mystery have only one certainty: we are not mere princesses or witches or enchanted princes or wise men and fairy godmothers; we are ourselves in this transition between the conscious and the subconscious, and without judgments in the distraction of our physical being, we are the fullness of the self in this cosmic energy that reveals itself when the pitch of night sets in. In this realm far away, but not so far as to escape our grasp, we lose ourselves to break free, explore to be reborn. In a euphoric trance that is not magical, it’s fantastic. Photography by Róza Wiktoria Tyborowska. Styling by Marko Vrbos.

Translated from the original on The Fairytale Issue, from Vogue Portugal, published May/June 2022.
Full stories and credits on the print issue.