12. 11. 2022

English Version | Back to the Future

by Vogue Portugal


Fast Forward is the new Throwback. What if instead of going back 20 years, we traveled forward 20 years?

Would we look at today's collections being worn by computer-generated models, like the protagonists in this editorial? Will artificial intelligence continue to generate our coveted 2022 wishlists in CGI (computer-generated images)? The XXI century brought and brings multidimensional possibilities, and one of the most peculiar is this ability to paint parallel universes that touch the unreal, the transcendent, and the oneiric, to create impossible scenarios for the pieces we want to wear this winter. In backgrounds copied from our imagination, a world is created within the globe that we know, which does not exist and exists at the same time. Two decades from now, to open this edition of Vogue is to discover the past that is present to us, with our eyes set on the future.

Creative direction by Maria Vinagre.


Translated from the original on The 20th anniversary issue, published November 2022.
Full story and credits in the print version.