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Compras 7. 10. 2021

English Version | In Vogue Shopping: Underground issue

by Ana Caracol & Eduarda Pedro


Grounded feet?

It’s curious how the underground challenges ruling systems, because these soles challenge any rule about shoes and heights. Not advised to anyone who suffers from vertigo, they’re made to face the status quo, question doubtful norms and never doubt that the goal, even if from a grounded mindset, will always be to aim for the top. In this selection of boots and shoes, the motto is the sky is the limit. 

La Piel Que Habito

Not only what’s underneath, but also what’s on the outside. Each piece of clothing is a space to inhabit, a business card that comes at first sight to show what is invisible, undercover… but only a portion of what we want to reveal. It’s an identity card for those who don’t know us and that we only let be seen what we want to confess on the surface. And whatever we want to remain underground will - underneath a layer of leather that doesn’t hide, but protects.

Originally translated from the Underground issue, published October 2021.
Full credits and stories on the print issue.