14. 4. 2022

English Version | “We all need a splash of bad taste” - Diana Vreeland

by Ana Caracol and Larissa Marinho


The stain falls upon the best cloth. And we’re glad it falls (or fell, in this case) because this is the kind of stain we will never want to wash off. This season, stains and splashes landed on our immaculate white shirts and turned them into real works of art. It may have been a slip, but we prefer to believe it is a sign that we’re about to auction a Pollock painting. It’s not forbidden to dream yet, is it? 

© Imax Tree

“I can’t concentrate in flats” Victoria Beckham

© Getty Images

Flat sandals are here to stay. Now, instead of horrified reactions, they cause endless waitlists. Not even Miss Beckham, faithful to heels for decades, can’t resist them. There’s only one if: with these on, there are no excuses not to tale that walk after lunch because it’s too hot and our shoes are uncomfortable. We better think of something a bit more far fetched, because these were born to be appreciated. 

Translated form the original on The Quote Issue, from Vogue Portugal, published April 2022.
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