3. 9. 2020

English Version | Bright young things, hope for the future


The future is bright.

The future is colorful. The future is printed, voluminous, plain, fitted. The future is bigger, the future is in doubles, the future is young, the future is promising, just like this selection of emerging designers that change the rules of the game by using unexpected materials to bring an approach that has as much of futurism as it has of respect for nature. And, just like that, the future grows, the future is talented, peculiar, different, equal. The future is present and future, and its hopeful. Hopeful in being better. Creative direction and styling by Sasa Thomann. Photography by Branislav Simoncik.

*Translated from Vogue Portugal's Hope issue, out September 2020. All credits in the original articles.
Texto em português na edição em print.