6. 11. 2020

English version | The masks we wear


Not the disposable ones, those that come from within.

Those that we renew to adapt to each situation, those that hide our selves, but reveal part of their originality. Those that protect us, but that also suffocate us. Those that grow with us, those that we collect throughout life and those that we leave behind, as if they were mistakes from the past. And from these errors there are still others, such as the improvement of being, imperfections that come from within and that we carry on our own, and which we release in empty apartments as a form of expression of what we are. Or want to become. Photography by Branislav Simoncik. Styling by Nina Ford.

Translated from the original article from Vogue Portugal's The Beauty of Imperfection issue, published November 2020.
Full credits and story on the print issue.