14. 5. 2020

English version | Test Drive: facials masks

by Joana Moreira


One of the privileges of being at home? The possibility of making face masks all the time - well, maybe not during that work video conference. Three Vogue journalists write about the ones they have used day and night.

Mónica Bozinoski, Journalist

Vitamin Nectar Vibracy-Boosting Face Mask, Fresh

Promises: A jelly-like mask to gently exfoliate and restore luminosity to tired and dull skin.

Vogue's verdict: Applying this mask is like immersing yourself in citrus jam - and yes, it's really delicious. It’s what I turn to whenever my skin is more dull and tired, not only because of the refreshing texture, but also because of the ritual: step by step, I apply a generous layer with circular movements, like a massage, I let it rest for ten minutes and remove the product with a towel moistened with hot water.

In addition to leaving my skin smoother, revitalized and with a natural glow, it is the perfect pick-me-up.

Ana Murcho, Features Editor

Le Lift overnight mask, € 98, Chanel

Promises: To be a silk pajama for the skin. Literally.

Vogue's verdict: Sleepwear aside, this treatment wins right away for the sensation of freshness with which it surprises, and snatches, the pores. The thin layer that we apply on the face, on the neck and, if we are really compliant, on the neckline , it is not water, but it could be. Night masks are an expanding market, but many of them leave an uncomfortable feeling of greasiness, which has an effect on the regenerating experience that you want from a product of this kind. This Le Lift is far away from such problems, which is perhaps why, when we wake up, the promises of luminous complexion and smoothed wrinkles are fulfilled with distinction.

Joana Moreira, Beauty Editor

Caviar & Gold Mask, € 29 (pack de uma unidade), Foreo.

Promises: To be the most sophisticated of Foreo's masks to use with the brand's UFO devices, combining the properties of 24-karat gold and caviar to revitalize dry and dehydrated skin and leave it radiant.

Vogue's verdict: I started by putting the mask on UFO 2 and, with the app on my smartphone, I iniciated the programmed sequence (which depends on the mask in use) with every possible stimuli in the device, from vibrations (T-sonic pulsations), LED light, cryotherapy (cold) and thermotherapy (heat). Over the course of three minutes, I slid the gadget all over my face following the directions. I was immediately impressed by the amount of product, superior in comparison to other masks of the brand. There is a feeling of being in the presence of a luxury product, and this is confirmed when, in the end, I applied the serum, pressing lightly on the skin, and watched its immediate absorption. In addition to the pleasurable experience throughout the process, the verdict on the luminosity of my face didn't take long: I went for a selfie and didn't use any filter.