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07 Mar 2024
By Vogue Portugal

Image: Sofia Nascimento Studios

The "I do" day may be the most special day of our lives, but behind its 24 hours are months and months of planning. The smallest detail has to be planned, and ideally with the help of experts capable of dealing with a to-do list that seems endless. To ensure you don't get lost in the endless choices, these are Vogue Portugal's suggestions - the best of the best when it comes to the wonderful world of weddings.

Wedding Planners

We can call them the "guardian angels of weddings." Having the help of a wedding planner in the long months leading up to the big day makes all the difference: in quality, in sophistication, in choices, but above all in the anxiety that surrounds the preparation of every detail

Prometo Amar-te

With a focus on customization, the approach to their work is a reflection of the bride and groom as individuals, but also as a couple. Without being defined by a single style, their goal is to match the style of those who chooses them, with the promise of creating an unforgettable day. More informations at: and +351 913 666 826.

Bouquet de Liz

With almost 25 years of experience, Bouquet de Liz is the result of a passion shared between mother and daughter. They plan each event with sensitivity and care, but with a touch of disruption. To create the essential atmosphere of elegance and distinction, they write narratives that culminate in unforgettable celebrations and parties. More informations at: and +351 912 515 530.

Sofia Nascimento Studios

The weddings organized by Sofia Nascimento Studios are unique, like each person who chooses them, and are designed to create an experience, with the client at the center of every detail. As a destination event planner and designer, her goal is to transform the temporary into the lasting and the vanishing of the moment into an everlasting one. More informations at: e +351 926 086 097.

Como Branco

Como Branco is a company created and led by women, whose main focus is to provide a unique, caring moment for those who choose it, with touches of sophistication. Already consolidated in the world of destination weddings, it works with clients from all over the world, with the most diverse cultural backgrounds. With a focus on event planning and event design, they create elegant, inspiring and personalized environments. More informations at: and +351 910 565 257.


Probably one of the most important decisions when planning a wedding: deciding the venue, is deciding the guideline that will create the perfect atmosphere. Whether you're a fan of open landscapes or you like the timeless beauty of a palace, Vogue Portugal has suggestions for all tastes.

Lugar Eventos

Located in Ponte de Lima, in the heart of the Minho region, this country house, which dates back to the 16th century, invites to take in the surroundings of its organic gardens, between the granite threshing floors, the interior of the house or its avenue of linden trees. Perfect for those looking for a classic setting with the privilege of being in contact with nature, with spaces combined to offer all the charm needed for such a special day. For more informations at and +351 962 635 535.

Monte do Ramalho

This traditional country house in Alentejo offers the rustic and natural beauty needed to make the day unique. Lack of space will never be a problem, with the country house offering several indoor and outdoor areas suitable for holding events. From the unobstructed landscape to the warmth and starry nights offered by the Alentejo horizon, unforgettable memories are a guarantee. More informations at and +351 932 035 471.


If you're looking for something unique, Tamboo tents offer what you need. Incorporated into green spaces and bright landscapes in different formats, they stand out for their fabrics, detail and precise image printing. The entire covering is customizable, allowing each event space to be different. More informations at, +351 965 435 391.

Palácio de Seteais

The iconic Seteais Palace in Sintra offers a piece of history. Close to Lisbon, but far enough to allow you to enter an idyllic and hidden place, the palace guarantees a journey through time and  luxury that its romantic beauty offers. More informations at and +351 219 233 200.

Floral Decoration/Design

To add to the atmosphere created by the surroundings, the decoration takes a prominent place. And because the details don't escape the attention of any guest, choosing a unique, personalized and careful decoration is a job that requires specialists.

Andreia Ferrés Studio

With the mission of capturing what is transitory and perishable and making it eternal, this studio promises to bring out the beauty of nature's most common form and turn it into a sensory memory for eternity. With a natural and organic aesthetic, it materializes the personality and vision of each client. More informations at and +351 223 700 099.

Oh, Maria Flores

Oh, Maria Flores is a floral design studio, with compositions created for destination weddings, based in Paço de Arcos, which promises dynamic and romantic arrangements, with unique flowers and materials, customized 100% to the image of its clients. She believes that the difference is in the details, which express the beauty of each idea. For more informations at and +351 963 788 151.

This is the Spot

Working in partnership with high-quality suppliers, well-known chefs and award-winning photographers, it also has access to exclusive locations. This is the Spot promises simple decorations that respect the space in which they are located, without neglecting the vision of each client. More informations at and +351 938 420 801.

Bloom Flores e Eventos

As a result of its experience and know-how, Bloom offers personalized yet innovative solutions based on updating, training and research into the latest trends. With venues in the north of Portugal, Bloom promises services in the creation and maintenance of floral arrangements, adapted to the environment, the time of the year and with living and maintained spaces. More informations at and +351 253 263 681.


Eternizing your wedding day is also about looking at every photograph and feeling your natural beauty on every page of the album. Whether it's rainy or sunny, make-up and hair are two key pieces for the bride (and her guests), so that the inner glow is reflected in every detail of the look.

Pedro Netto Studio

Pedro Netto is a bridal specialist and does the hair of more than four dozen brides a year. He has even won the Wedding Awards for the third time in a row, making him one of the best bridal hairdressers in the industry. More informations at and +351 911 014 759.

Jenny Makeupland

Jenny, Adriana and Sofia promise to make any bride shine, emphasizing not only her features but also her personality. As make-up artists and hairdressers, they create harmony between all the elements - from the beauty look to the dress, guaranteeing to transform the big day into something even more special. More informations at and +351 918 966 919.

Yara Lacerda

With over seven years of experience, Yara is a professional who is proud to do make-up for brides from different cultures, such as Angolans, Indians and Muslims, always aware of their tastes and cultural specificities. More informations at and +351 926 739 927.

Rafael Marquezine

Like Yara Lacerda, with whom he often works as a team, the hairdresser has several years of experience in the field and is one of the most requested to style brides from different cultures, harmonizing the look with typical customs. More informations at and +351 964 123 371 or +351 218 068 757.


Turning a beautiful but temporary moment into something eternal is possible with the perfect photo and video. With different angles, cameras and editing, there are endless choices.

Feel Creations

Marta and Bruno capture the best moments in documentary-style photographs and videos. With special attention to detail, they try to tell a story centered on the actions and emotions of the big day, making the naturalness of the moments and the people who star in them shine through. More informations at and +351 919 509 562.

M/ANIA Wedding Photography

Photographers Ânia and Pedro - also a couple - promise a timeless, cinematic, editorial and poetic approach. Documenting simple beauty and honest emotions, they also embrace the spontaneity of the big day. More informations at and +351 932 680 109.


Sofia and André try to capture stories, looks, emotions and movements through light. With an elegant and luxurious style, they are experts in creating storytelling in their images, eternalizing the most beautiful memories. More informations at and +351 926 167 952 or +351 96 571 36 83.


Sandra and Miguel are a pair in love and profession, dedicated to capturing the most special moments of a wedding through documentary-style photographs. More informations at and +351 961 153 567.


The entry point to any wedding is months in advance. It is the invitation that sets the tone for the day and the aesthetic that we want to follow. For this reason, those who make them must be able to express the atmosphere of the event, even before it takes place.

Molde Weddings

With weddings as its specialty, Molde Weddings creates its own identity and the visible guiding thread of each wedding. This graphic design studio ensures creativity without limits, providing differentiated visual experiences. More informations at and +351 916 211 475.

A pajarita

Invitations are paper details that are essential at any wedding, but which define the wedding's identity. Pajarita believes that each project should be a blank canvas, customizable, occupied in a creative way and which gives place to something unique, personalized and exclusive. More informations at and +351 910 698 191.

Kinship Press

Kinship Press creates bespoke, customizable and hand-painted items such as save-the-dates, invitations and menus. The brand's creations are everything a bride could dream of, with illustrations worthy of an idyllic Pinterest page, combining luxury with graceful imagery. More informations at

Wedding Cake

The moment of the wedding cake is a crucial moment in any wedding and can (and should) be enjoyed by every single guest. Chocolate, red velvet, three-tiered or minimalist: the perfect cake is just a short list away.


Larilolela was born with a connection to the expressions used in traditional Minho songs. This studio focuses on creating cakes and sweets with special attention to the authenticity of the products, using local and organic ingredients directly from the best producers. More informations at and +351 964 123 113.

Migalha Doce

This cake design studio is dedicated to the second sweetest moment of the wedding: the wedding cake. It creates contemporary wedding cakes by combining different artistic forms, from ceramics to painting, from architecture to sculpture, resulting in true comestible works of art. It challenges creative boundaries, with elegance and personality in every detail. More informations at

Poetry Food

The wedding cake should also reflect the essence of love, an expression of who the bride and groom are. Poetry Food offers a unique menu of flavors, with the goal of creating a tasting memory that transcends the moment and remains forever in the memory. More informations at and +351 935 155 214.

Tourangelle Patisserie

Blended with French tradition and inspired by the flavors of childhood, Tourangelle offers the perfect combination of contemporary elegance and French pastry. The design of each cake is personalized and adjustable to each couple's taste. More informations at and +351 960 178 245.

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