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10 Dec 2022
By Vogue Portugal

Natasha Lyonne, a wallet full of charisma, and an alien invasion: this is BIMBAYLOLIZED, the new campaign from BIMBA Y LOLA.

Natasha Lyonne, a wallet full of charisma, and an alien invasion: this is BIMBAYLOLIZED, the new campaign from BIMBA Y LOLA.

In the vastness of the North American desert, we find Lolaville, a small town that seems to be just like any other. At sunrise, everyone leaves home to spend the day at their jobs in convenience stores and monotonous offices that are painted in the colors of the desert. The routine wraps the habitants in this endless cycle where everything repeats itself in an eternal loop. Until the most improbable moment happens: with their eyes set on the sky, four girls spot ice orbs from another galaxy. When they hit the sand of Lolaville, a wave of cold and color is unleashed, leaving CHIMO wallets all over town, and the witnesses rush to collect these alien relics. A young reporter wastes no time - she is quickly on the scene to report on the sudden change of season, but ends up finding a story even more intriguing than the sudden weather changes. Apparently (according to rumors that reach her), the four girls who witnessed the falling ice orbs were... different. Bathed in color and armed with otherworldly accessories, it comes to be discovered that they are not exactly possessed by an extraterrestrial entity - they are BIMBAYLOLIZED.

In the midst of the commotion and turmoil, Natasha Lyonne is spotted, covered in pieces from the sky, as if she herself had arrived by the orbs. This is - in a nutshell, of course - the story of BIMBA Y LOLA's CHIMO wallets, and how their bright hues and fuzzy textures have the power to bring life to even the dullest of cities. It is through the lens of Petra Collins that we get this thriller where fashion and cinematic aesthetics meet, giving rise to BIMBA Y LOLA's ou- ton/winter 2022 campaign, BIMBAYLOLIZED. The artist, who has already directed music videos for singles by Olivia Rodrigo and Selena Gomez, has teamed up with Natasha Lyonne to together bring to life a collection made for those who are always up for an adventure. The duo could not be more representative of the BIMBA Y LOLA aesthetic - those who wear CHIMO wallets are not afraid to go after the unknown. On the contrary, they are the first to run after the things that intrigue them the most.

Translated from the original on "The Velvet Touch" issue of Vogue Portugal, published december 2022.Full stories and credits on the print issue.

Vogue Portugal By Vogue Portugal



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