10. 2. 2022

English Version | Queen of the party

by Mariana Silva


Why live in a daily palette of neutral shades and nude eyeshadows when all we want is to create a rainbow on our eyes? There's no need to look for excuses or reasons to celebrate when life is itself a party.

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Be(auty) mine 

With cupid nearby, we went to explore current Beauty launches in hopes of finding true love. And something tells us that we've been hit by several arrows. 

Wedding blings

Bride to be or (never) to be? When we’re talking about makeup, the answer doesn’t matter, because whether you are the bride or a guest, you just need to fulfill three requirements: a nurtured skin, a natural foundation and a touch of color.

Cake, not cakey

Another year, another layer of concealer? Wrong. Birthdays were made to be celebrated with colorful eyeshadows, glossy lipsticks and cake. Mainly cake.


Let facial masks be replaced by mascara and boring eyeshadows by color explosions. If Carnival doesn’t ask for glitter, nothing will.

The day after

When the lights go out, and the party ends, you stop hearing music and laughter. When the lights go out, and the next day comes, there is just the sound of your skin asking for help.

Translated from the original on Vogue Portugal's Celebrate Yourself issue, published february 2022.
Full story and credits on the print issue.