3. 9. 2020

English Version | Beauty Editorial: Hope Expectancy


To be born, to grow, to achieve. To be reborn, to multiply, rejuvenate. From the tiniest cell, hope is born. From the smallest look, rush. From the most exciting touch, belief. And making them bloom is everywhere, from the tips of our hair to the last leaf on a plant or last petal on a flower. frp, the clearest of water-blue to the nuances of fiery red. Because the ver expecting, coming from hope, is spelled in nature and in the human being like you spell all living organisms: by living, growing, blooming. Photography by Ruo Bing Li. Styling by Xuyuner (Abby) Qi. Hair by Erol Karadag. Make up by Jezz Hill.

Translated from Vogue Portugal's Hope issue, out September 2020. All credits in the original articles.
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