English version | Backstage: the beauty of imperfection

06 Nov 2020
By Vogue Portugal

What happens backstage in Vogue, doesn't stay backstage in Vogue.

Vogue Portugal is 18 years old

Age of majority. Which is not to say that it wasn't, or is already, huge, even if of a young age. How do one abbreviates a journey made of love and dedication? By one's goals, of course, but also by one's imperfections. And, we know, there must have been many. Various. Either because we would have liked to have done better here and there, or because something failed at the X or Y moment, or for reasons beyond the control of the team, or simply because of the so common “bad luck”, misfortunes and other ailments as such ... the truth is that reaching the age of 18 with a level of pride like the one we now feel only confirms that obstacles are not walls, they are walls to overcome and learn from. Congratulations, Vogue Portugal. May error always be synonymous with beauty and learning.

Margin for error

The error you are looking for does not exist… said noone at Vogue. There are no editions completely infallible. Despite this, the team strives not to miss any flaws: from creativity in aligning themes, through in-depth research for factual articles, the quality in the colors of the images, the thickness of the paper... We could be here half a day listing how to edit a Vogue issue, but the most interesting thing is to realize that the process is done at the expense of an infinite search for error. Because each photo goes through the critical eye of the creative directors, each text goes through the review of the journalist who signs it, and then it is edited by the editor in chief, to later be sent to the text editor, from where it returns to be reviewed by one, two or more people ... and if possible, receive one last glimpse before the final delivery to the printer. Still, an imperfection or two can pass. After all, Vogue is a magazine that is as human as the team that makes it.

James Charles in Augmented Reality

There is a third dimension to all this “Beauty of Imperfection”, which is perfect for modern times: Vogue covers come to life. Through the Lighthouse Publishing AR app (available for free download at Google Play and Apple Store), just point your phone at the covers and discover that there is a third cover - hidden. Just the tip of the iceberg in a series of experiences that Vogue has prepared for this edition.

Cover-size poster, also with augmented reality, included in the magazine.

Translated from the original article from Vogue Portugal's The Beauty of Imperfection issue, published November 2020.Full credits and story on the print issue.

Vogue Portugal By Vogue Portugal
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