3. 9. 2020

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“I am what I live” is the manifesto of Giorgio Armani’s new chapter of femininity, a chapter that comes to life with My Way, a fragrance of authenticity, freedom and discovery.

Adria Arjona ©Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

A few minutes had passed from 4 PM in a Friday of May when Veronique Gautier, Global President of Armani Beauty, posed the question at a digital conference: “How can we start telling a new story with Mister Armani, seven years after Sí?” The answer remained a sort of mystery, but part of it (the most important part, some will say) was already in our hands – a little bottle with the words My Way in blue, printed on a pink tag. A short but significant name, My Way encapsulates the personality of a woman that goes after experiences that defy her perception of the world, that take her to unknown territories, that are authentic, profound and transformative, that go beyond the superficial bonds with other people and the world, that help her build herself. As Gautier said in that same afternoon, My Way “is a journey and a story of encounters”; a story that started being written three years ago and that now opens a new chapter of femininity for Giorgio Armani – a femininity that is authentic, with a free spirit and a commitment with the planet and its sustainability, something that is reflected both in the manifesto “I am what I live” and the bouquet of white flowers created by perfumers Carlos Benaïm and Bruno Jovanovic.

“My inspiration was Giorgio Armani’s unique take on feminine beauty. It’s very sculptural, tailor-made, refined and elegant, but also with a free spirit and sophisticated, with strong lines and personality,” explained master perfumer Carlos Benaïm. “I wanted to translate that vision of the Armani woman using my olfactory pallet in a scent. And for My Way, I wanted to interpret this natural elegance of Giorgio Armani with flowers.” One of them, tuberose – adored by Giorgio Armani and present in the heart of this fragrance – was interpreted in a different way, less classical and more contemporary. “I came up with this idea of a luminous, contemporary, powerful bouquet of white flowers, with tuberose, of course, but also with Indian Jasmin and orange blossom from Egypt, the most special ingredients in my pallet, very natural and beautiful ingredients.” Tailor made for Giorgio Armani, in a fusion of traditional techniques and innovative and creative solutions – the heart of tuberose, for instance, was extracted using a molecular distillation, that allowed to develop a very specific fraction of the tuberose, with creamy and velvety facets, while the orange blossom note was created by using an upgraded enfleurage technique, revealing a new interpretation that combines the richness of the flower and the energy of the fruit – the naturality of My Way reveals itself as a true olfactory journey through the world. “We are combining the most beautiful white flowers from all over the world,” said Carlos Benaïm and Bruno Jovanovic, detailing the notes of this fragrance. “We are combining the most beautiful white flowers from all over the world,” said Carlos Benaïm and Bruno Jovanovic, detailing the fragrance notes. “Indian jasmine sambac absolute and jasmine grandiflorum super infusion, which is exclusively crafted for Armani. Orange flower from Egypt and tuberose heart from the region of Mysore in the village of Tirumakudal Narsipur, in the state of Karnataka, India, but crafted in Grasse. We also have Italian citrus, Virginia cedarwood from USA, and vanilla from Madagascar, sourced through Giorgio Armani’s responsible and inclusive sourcing program that promotes social inclusion.”

For Bruno Jovanovic, working with natural ingredients and with a vanilla that is sourced in a sustainable way “makes you feel responsible and in step with the current climate. Sustainability is a must-do today, it’s the right thing to do.” But the commitment of Giorgio Armani and My Way with the planet go beyond the fragrance, being reflected in the eco design of the bottle – a bottle with clean lines and contrasting colors, with a blue cap and a gold ring around it, encapsulating our lived experiences and the beauty of the world, and confirming that luxury and sustainability can coexist in a single object. Designed with durability, longevity and sustainability in mind, My Way’s bottle is refillable and uses an innovative system in the industry to do so – a system that guarantees an effortless, clean an no waste process of refilling the original bottle, with no need of using a funnel. As the brand describes, the spray bottle’s cap unscrews, and then the 150ml refill bottle is turned upside down and screwed on the fragrance bottle. The original bottle is refilled without losing a drop of fragrance, and without the liquid spilling onto the hands, with the cap and spray then easily screwed back on. And, together, one 50ml MY WAY bottle and its 150ml refill allow a 32% reduction in cardboard use, a 55 % reduction in glass use, a 64 % reduction in plastic use and a 75% reduction in metal use, compared to using four 50 ml fragrance spray bottles.

“The planet we live in is our home. As human beings, I think that we have the responsibility of planting our own little seeds, metaphorically, of doing these little deeds to give the opportunity of this worlds to our grandsons and our great grandsons,” said Adria Arjona, face of My Way, when she joined the conference in a surprise appearance. “I think that it’s very important, it’s a selfless act, and it’s truly special to see a company like Armani owning that responsibility, taking that step forward, being innovative and finding different ways to help the planet.” With a loving smile and a hopeful look in a better tomorrow (and a better world), the actress known for her roles in True Detective, 6 Underground and Good Omens, as well as her philanthropic work in Guatemala, is the piece that completes the My Way puzzle – in the words of Giorgio Armani, Adria Arjona is a traveler, a young woman of today; intelligent, curious, free of prejudice, independent, and capable of treasuring every life experience. She is a citizen of the world, who thanks to her authentic experiences and encounters can truly say: I am what I live.” That same personality is the one we see on the My Way campaign, a story without filters and an almost documental account of Adria’s real experiences and encounters around the world, captured by the creative duo Hunter & Gatti. “Every encounter and every moment that you see in the campaign are completely authentic and genuine,” she explained. “Those moments really happened, we didn’t repeat anything, it wasn’t like a scene in a movie where you would go again. Each moment was new, and each moment was real.” As Adria shares during the My Way presentation, the authenticity of the project, that is also evident in the unretouched campaign images, was one of the most important values for her. “I loved the fact that the images are unretouched. Specially in my position, I was afraid because it’s very vulnerable, you’re so used to being retouched. But I love the message it’s sending, of just pure acceptance and naturality. I love what My Way stands for, which for me it’s freedom, femininity, empowerment and inclusion, and most importantly being present in every moment and whit every person you encounter, be it in your own backyard or if you’re travelling and meeting other cultures.” In other words, My Way is the future we hope to encounter on the other side of the horizon. And that future is now.  

My Way, eau de parfum, Giorgio Armani ©Courtesy of the brand

Translated from Vogue Portugal's Hope issue, out September 2020. All credits in the original articles.
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