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Notícias 2. 9. 2017

Natalie Portman desafia o amor em nova campanha Miss Dior

Natalie Portman regressa como rosto de Miss Dior, numa campanha que celebra a mulher moderna e o amor.

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2. 4. 2020

English version | Don't f*ck with my freedom

The right to have a choice. Whichever that choice may be.

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3. 9. 2020

English Version | Women of Hope

In 2011, Beyoncé released a song that became iconic, whose chorus raises a question that has long bubbled up within us all: “Who run the World? / Girls”. The world may not yet be ruled by women, but some of them, scattered across five continents, are in a position to put it on the right track. We chose six that make us believe in a fairer, more promising and more egalitarian tomorrow.

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11. 3. 2022

English Version | Art, female noun

Curated by GIRLS is the project that is shaping the future of art history. By giving a platform to under-represented female artists, Laetitia Duveau makes it possible for femininity to be told by the ones that live it.

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17. 5. 2022

English version | The Beauty and the Beast

Are fairy tales responsible for perpetuating a stereotyped role of women in society as the weaker sex and promoting gender inequality?

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31. 8. 2022

English Version | Lesya Snigur: portraits of Ukrainian women at war

Lesya Ivanivna Snigur is the head of the Lukyanivska station of the Kyiv subway, which has become a refuge for thousands of Kyivites since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

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7. 9. 2022

English Version | Yuliia Shchelkonogova: portraits of Ukrainian women at war

Yuliia Shchelkonogova was a professional make-up artist before the war, and since February 24, unexpectedly for herself, became a volunteer.

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21. 9. 2022

English Version | Kateryna Kovalyova: portraits of Ukrainian women at war

Kateryna Kovalyova, the owner of a logistics company, has founded a charity foundation “Trinity” a few weeks after the full-scale invasion started.

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28. 9. 2022

English Version | Dariia Anisimova: portraits of Ukrainian women at war

In March, the photo of Dariia and her co-workers has shaken the world - then these women were captured by the russian army, and as a form of moral pressure, the occupiers shaved their heads bold.

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11. 10. 2022

English Version | My body my choice – or not

In the same year in which Portugal celebrates 15 years since the referendum that legalized the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, the United States withdraws the right to abortion. And at what price? Or better yet: at whose expense? When the law decrees that a woman does not have the right to decide what to do with her body, can we talk about women's reproductive rights?

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