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Tendências 7. 10. 2021

English Version | Lado B: Body I made mine

The skin we're born in doesn’t remain the same for our whole lives. Except for accidents that scarr us forever, modifications that are purposefully done, like tattoos and piercings, are more and more common. But there are those who take a step further and alter body physiognomy, challenging human biology.

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7. 10. 2021

English version | Pretty in Ink

“Angola ’74” or “Amor de mãe”. Tattoos got a bad rep and it wasn't (just) because of the bad taste of some in their choice of design. It was because of our social constraints, because of their underground nature, because they didn't fit in with the norms. But when we get rid of prejudices, we realize that Beauty is not just bare skin: it is also tattooed.

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14. 4. 2022

English Version | "The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink." - T. S. Eliot

From “amor de mãe” to “blessed”, tattooing a quote, word, phrase, lyric, in whatever language, is to make the body an (but not always) open book.

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11. 10. 2022

English Version | Lady and the tramp

Call it queen b(utterfly), for there is no greater queen of controversy than this tattoo. Heir to the low-waisted pants and holder of the treasure of sexuality, the butterfly has called and wants to claim her authority. There is nothing tramp about this stamp.

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