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15. 7. 2020

English version | Under the skin

Under the mind. A dermatologist explains how mental health affects the skin – and vice-versa.

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Tendências 9. 10. 2020

English Version | Lights out

What if the light from our screens were as damaging for the skin as the sunlight? The time we spend in front of computers, scrolling on social media, answering emails or texting friends may not burn but they carry an invisible enemy.

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6. 11. 2020

English version | The Skin I Live In

It’s that living organism which houses every little dot that connect with each other and form constellations; where our marks, for better or worse, draw the maps that chart our stories; where lines enclose joys and sorrows; where the fingerprints of every touch, and every skin to skin encounter of our lifetime, can be found. The skin is what we are.

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4. 3. 2021

English version | Skin-colored dreams

It turns out that Sleeping Beauty had the most amazing skin since apparently, to achieve gorgeous glowing skin, sleep is in fact the best medicine.

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Tendências 2. 9. 2021

English Version | The skin I live in

We’re born into this world carrying one brain, in a given body, with certain parts. When someone is born with a form of cerebral sex different than their birth sex, then we have what is called transsexuality or gender dysphoria. It is a disorder that can carry a great deal of pain if not faced head-on. Although, today more than ever, it has a solution. Everything in the name of a more peaceful existence. And of a (happier) ending.

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