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14. 5. 2020

English version | Family ties

What happens to our family unity when our house is no longer just a house? What happens to our family unity when our home is forced to be, at the same time, a home, an office and a classroom? What happens to our family unity when we’re all together, every hour of every day? Vogue Portugal delves into these questions.

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5. 12. 2020

English Version | Between the lines, behind the curtains

Love is beautiful. One can generalize this particular concept to their will: love really is beautiful. It so happens that love is not always idyllic, pacific, passive in ostentation. Sometimes, love is, due to the strength of circumstances, more discrete. Other times it is forced to be kept a secret. And often, too many times, it is forbidden and needs to be kept undercovers. Only even in those cases, love leaves traces. And because they are beautiful traces – beautiful because they’re hints of love – we keep them as inspiration.

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15. 7. 2021

English Version | It’s love, moron!

In an era when it’s urgent to love, does it make sense to keep seeing love as a one-way trip, with no layovers or stops along the way? If in 2015 the Unknown Mortal Orchestra were singing about the polyamorous relationship of their leading singer, Ruban Nielson, now we go back to school to understand what the right formula to love actually is – or if there is one at all to begin with.

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