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14. 5. 2020

English version | Don't Enter That Dark Night So Fast*

It is one of the most universal feelings in all human existence. Nevertheless, it somehow makes us feel strangest. Solitude still is, in society’s eyes, a failure, a defect, a whim. Perhaps that is why few people realize that, when ignored, it can also be as fatal as any other epidemic.

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3. 9. 2020

English Version | Lado B: Hope's Anatomy

In theory, the world tells us that hope is essential. But why do we need in, in practical terms? Vogue spoke to a clinical psychologist about what hope can do for us – and for our health.

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Curiosidades 7. 10. 2021

English Version | Ostriches, etc.

To bury your head in the sand is the underground behavior of choice. What was first seen as a stereotypical idiosyncrasy of ostriches, soon extended to other reigns and species. Category: ostriches, etc.

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