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Suzy Menkes 9. 11. 2017

Karl Lagerfeld: An Eye on Photography

The fashion legend chooses his favourite images from the vast display at the Paris Photo exhibition at the Grand Palais

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Notícias 20. 4. 2020

Até sempre, Peter Beard

O fotojornalista e artista Peter Beard foi encontrado sem vida perto da sua casa em Nova Iorque no dia 19 de abril, depois de ter sido dado como desaparecido a 31 de março.

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6. 10. 2020

English version | The Glory of Disrepair

They were once majestic mansions, imposing castles or even bubbling casinos where the night seemed to go on forever. Now they are just places with no future, draped in imperfections and longing, waiting for Mathias Mahling's lens to give them a new life.

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6. 11. 2020

English version | Alina Gross: Our body is a wonderland

"I have in me all the shapes in the world." This is what Alina Gross's images scream, in a soft, but at the same time impactful way. The photographer, based in Bochum, Germany, celebrates femininity, and the act of being a woman, in its purest state. And raw. Even if the censorship and puritanism of social networks try to prevent the publication of her masterpieces.

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21. 1. 2021

English Version | Portfolio: The shape of light

Mirrors are a central accessory in her work. It is through them, and their reflections, that Ziqian Liu photographs herself, in a perfect symbiosis between human beings and nature.

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4. 3. 2021

English version | Portfolio: Lin Zhipeng

Once upon a time, there was China. Once upon a time, there was the world. Once upon a time, there were young people who fell in love in the streets of China. Once upon a time, there were young people who discovered themselves in the corners of the world. But this China, and this world, are not the ones we are used to imagining. These, who portrays them is Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223). We promise that you will never forget them.

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7. 5. 2021

English Version | Parallel Universe

Mariel Clayton creates post-apocalyptic scenarios where the protagonist, eight times out of seven (pun intended) is a doll that we have become accustomed to idealizing as a helpless and girly damsel. Her photographs, small-large works of art full of details, are not for girls.

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Tendências 29. 4. 2021

English version | Shocking pink

It's not like shocking as a shock per se, but more of an epiphanic shock. These artists use predominantly pink Pantones to address current and controversial themes, or simply to convey messages that make us think, while at the same time excelling on the “cotton candy” aesthetic front.

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12. 11. 2021

No Comments Issue | Portfolio Fotografia

São garrafas, sapatos, pratos, isqueiros, roupa, sacos e beatas de cigarro. Usamos cada um destes objetos todos os dias sem falta enquanto nos dá jeito. E o que acontece quando o isqueiro fica sem gás? Ou quando o saco se rasga?

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9. 12. 2021

English Version | 2021: space odissey

During the sixth lockdown that befell Melbourne, Australia, Andrew Rovenko decided to take the camera and turned his daughter, Mia, into an astronaut. The result is a series, The Rocketgirl Chronicles, which is as unexpected as it is endearing.

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