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13. 5. 2020

English Version | Cloro-filles

Come along, summer, warmth, fluid dresses and earthy tones, light tops in hopeful white with strokes of mourning black in a sort of grief for the time we had to be apart.

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15. 7. 2020

English Version | Chanel and the beauty of cultivating beauty

Some say that beauty is not only seen, but also cultivated. At least that’s the Chanel manifesto, who is bearing the roots of its skincare and the natural ingredients that blossom from them for everyone to see.

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23. 8. 2020

English Version | Pure, clean beauty

Green is the color of hope and nature. It conveys balance, harmony, vitality. And it represents what we want our Beauty routines to be like: more eco, more sustainable, more environmentally friendly. From zero waste to refillable products, these three steps promise just that.

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5. 6. 2021

English Version | To the sound of sound

Or better yet, the vibe. Because the power of the vibration of sound waves in natural elements, like in sand or water, might provoke geometric patterns of such symmetry that the expression “good vibes only” gains a whole new dimension.

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