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10. 2. 2022

English Version | Jordan Roth: Acting for a Change

Except it’s not an act. When it comes to battling for a change, Jordan Roth doesn’t act, he is the change - by being completely true to himself.

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Eventos 2. 5. 2022

A capa digital da Vogue Portugal com Jordan Roth

Com o toque, Jordan Roth ganha vida nesta capa digital dedicada à Met Gala 2022.

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17. 5. 2022

English Version | Backstage: Jordan Roth, at night in the museum

Dressed in a Thom Browne original, Jordan Roth stepped on that carpet without losing any glass slipper and still had enought time to be the star of the Fairutale Issue's by Vogue Portugal, digital cover.

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