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9. 4. 2019

Thando Hopa: "As a black, african, and woman with albinism, I have fought for empowerment my whole life"

She is black. She is African. She is a woman. And she has albinism. Thando Hopa could be described using only these adjectives, if the blood running in her veins was not made from a deafening activism.

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8. 5. 2019

Sharon Stone talks about Hollywood, #MeToo and Basic Instinct

Forget every label you ever imagined for Sharon Stone. The best feature of the actress that imprinted forever in our minds that iconic leg-cross in Basic Instinct is that she is above any label. Including that pivotal moment in the history of Cinema. 

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14. 8. 2019

Irina Shayk: From Russia with Love

A bunch of questions fired upon Irina Shayk – the model, the woman, the icon. A style exercise that puts the supermodel in the center of the stage. No filters. No subterfuges. No references that may lead to a clickbait. We wanted to bet on the impossible, so we made an interview aiming towards the most coveted target: the balance between common sense and good taste.

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14. 8. 2019

Celeste Barber: Celestial Body

Sold out! Sold out! Sold out! This was New York City’s reaction to the last three days of Celeste Barber’s show in the U.S.A, which ended the Australian comedian’s tour in that country last July. This proves the Celeste Barber “phenomenon” is still growing way beyond the five million people who follow her on Instagram, the place where everything began in 2015, with #celestechallengeaccepted.

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7. 10. 2019

Eva Herzigova: "Vogue is what's happening at the moment"

"I feel like I have accomplished plenty for my age and I'm quite humble, in a way, for what I've accomplished in such short time", says Eva Herzigova.

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Vídeos 8. 10. 2019

Christian Louboutin: "Eu adoro azulejos."

...e cogumelos, adora também cogumelos, e adora falar de cogumelos - em português. Mas não falámos só disso quando nos encontrámos com Christian Louboutin na sua casa em Lisboa.

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Entrevistas 18. 10. 2019

Rupi Kaur: "When we connect, we feel less alone"

When we don't have the words, Rupi Kaur writes them. When we don't have a roof, Rupi Kaur embraces us. And when we don't have the strength to be ourselves, it will be in Rupi Kaur that we will find everything we need to return to who we are.

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Entrevistas 6. 12. 2019

Bette Franke: “In our family Christmas is all about being together, eating and playing with Lego”

Bette Franke, star of this month’s cover shooting “Family Affair”, spoke to Vogue about Christmas, the importance of family, and a life dedicated to Fashion.

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6. 3. 2020

The Bolton effect

Talking about art, fashion and the art that is fashion is also talking about - and talking to - Andrew Bolton, the man behind some of the biggest art exhibitions dedicated to fashion. We don't want to spoil anything, but that's exactly what we did.

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27. 2. 2020

English Version | Alexandre, the Great

He is the creative mind behind the runway shows of some of the most important fashion brands. He is, moreover, the creative mind behind the most spectacular, unforgettable and magnificent designs from the best fashion brands. As if by magic, he gives life to everything we never thought possible of seeing on a catwalk. But for Alexandre de Betak the Frenchman who set up a 1600-feet pink carpet in the middle of a lavender field, in Provence, there is no such thing as impossible.

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