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Tendências 29. 5. 2018

Astromania: 5 contas a seguir

Caso ainda não se tenha apercebido, a astrologia é a nova religião do séc. XXI.

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Connected 5. 8. 2019

O que é isto de estar 'cancelado'?

Incorremos sobre a chamada “cancel culture”, o fenómeno que está a tomar conta do espaço digital, e procuramos perceber o alcance do seu impacto.

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2. 4. 2020

English version | Freedom in the times of cholera

We have more access and more possibilities than ever. We have less walls and less limitations than ever. But are we really freer than ever?

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1. 9. 2022

English Version | Send Nudes?

That's not the question at all. The question is this: what kind of society is this that encourages the dissemination and sharing, without consent, by third parties, of intimate and personal images? Where the victim is discredited and the perpetrator “excused” and even held non-accountable by the audience? If you've never heard of revenge porn, learn why the concept is bigger than the term and why it can happen to anyone. You too.

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