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Tendências 29. 4. 2021

English version | Shocking pink

It's not like shocking as a shock per se, but more of an epiphanic shock. These artists use predominantly pink Pantones to address current and controversial themes, or simply to convey messages that make us think, while at the same time excelling on the “cotton candy” aesthetic front.

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Tendências 2. 9. 2021

English Version | The world is my canvas

Her fine and delicate drawings guide us through an imaginary universe that replicates much of the palpable, and real, universe where we live. But the strength of Shira Barzilay, internationally known as Koketit, lies in knowing there are no limits in (her) imagination. And in always being able to start again.

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7. 10. 2021

English Version | The hidden beauty

We call it undergarment, or underwear, but its function goes far beyond dressing our body. It's underneath the clothing that lies the support for walking confidently and boldly.

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17. 5. 2022

English Version | The Princess Diaries

Animated films have tried to standardize the beauty of princesses and create an image in our imagination of the main characters of the most emblematic fairy tales. But what if you were to forget everything you have ever seen?

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