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Tendências 10. 11. 2017

10 tendências na alimentação para 2018

Com o ano a terminar, chega a altura de saber o que vai ser trendy em cima da mesa.

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Tendências 28. 2. 2020

English version | Art Presented in Silver - all about plating

We all know that eyes also eat. We also know this is a very old expression. Then why did not we consider the possibility of it being so old as the art of plating? Because, from this perspective, the theory of “Oh, that is all modern nonsense” becomes silly. The appearance of a plate has always been one of the pillars of restaurants. At least, regarding the food we want to eat – just by looking at it.

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2. 4. 2020

English version | Hurray for Liberteaty

Let's say no to regimes, even if it's a food one. Let's fight for our right not to be vegetarians, vegans or any other thing that's not whatever we feel like.

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6. 7. 2020

English version | De chef e de louco...

In the kitchen world, madness is queen.

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3. 9. 2020

Lifestyle | Gourmet: hope at the table

Of all the evils that came into this world, few were the ones that Humans could not overcome. This greater good that follows only exists because hope never came to die (it is always the last one to die, remember?). And mankind is already old enough to know that health lies in what we eat. There are countless cultures that know it. We are the ones that know little about these cultures.

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5. 11. 2020

English version | Error 404 – that’s delicious

“Those who error, we forgive once, but not three times”, as the Portuguese popular saying goes, but this popular saying thing, as we all know, is just made to rhyme and make sense once a year, at most. Producers, chefs and bartenders, make a lot of mistakes, please. It has been working out very well for centuries now.

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5. 12. 2020

English version | A guttural love

The way to the heart is through the stomach is one of those ultimate premises that made Portuguese women of yesteryear want to learn to dominate the gastronomic arts from an early age. It was as certain as the trousseau. Because otherwise, they probably wouldn’t find a husband. Or they would get one that isn’t that demanding when it comes to food. Which would bother the hell out of parents that would like to see their daughter married well. Because “those who aren’t good at eating aren’t good for working”. Love? “That comes later, because this isn’t not one of those movies you like to watch on revival houses”, they’d say.

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7. 5. 2021

English version | It’s not pink, it’s nude

Marshmallows, sweet cotton candy, rhubarb, guava pulp, pink oyster mushrooms, it’s all very nice when you look at it from a photographic perspective rather than a taste one. Because gastronomic poetry comes from that peeking sausage in the middle of the cabbage that surrounds it, a type of comfort food that could only come to mind to a people as creative as we are.

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5. 6. 2021

English Version | Cooking in A without C

Classical music denotes good taste. Pop is velvety to the palate. Heavy Metal, on the other hand, might have perhaps a harsher texture, just like when there are lumps on mashed potatoes. No, it’s not on these terms that we conclude that music and the pleasures of the palate might be intertwined. There is an entire gastro-musical trip journey, from historical curiosities to technical terms, that must be discovered. With headphones, please.

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15. 7. 2021

English Version | How to lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes

Ten pounds of common sense, that is. Almost as absurd as embarking on some diets is not questioning how ridiculous they are. Have you had your daily dose of nonsense? Bon appétit.

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