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Tendências 10. 11. 2017

10 tendências na alimentação para 2018

Com o ano a terminar, chega a altura de saber o que vai ser trendy em cima da mesa.

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Tendências 28. 2. 2020

English version | Art Presented in Silver - all about plating

We all know that eyes also eat. We also know this is a very old expression. Then why did not we consider the possibility of it being so old as the art of plating? Because, from this perspective, the theory of “Oh, that is all modern nonsense” becomes silly. The appearance of a plate has always been one of the pillars of restaurants. At least, regarding the food we want to eat – just by looking at it.

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2. 4. 2020

English version | Hurray for Liberteaty

Let's say no to regimes, even if it's a food one. Let's fight for our right not to be vegetarians, vegans or any other thing that's not whatever we feel like.

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6. 7. 2020

English version | De chef e de louco...

In the kitchen world, madness is queen.

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3. 9. 2020

Lifestyle | Gourmet: hope at the table

Of all the evils that came into this world, few were the ones that Humans could not overcome. This greater good that follows only exists because hope never came to die (it is always the last one to die, remember?). And mankind is already old enough to know that health lies in what we eat. There are countless cultures that know it. We are the ones that know little about these cultures.

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