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9. 10. 2020

English Version | Cartoons

Let us embark on a blue dream to find characters that make color their characteristic traits, that define them and distinguish them, and that is part of their brand image, if not even of their essence.

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4. 3. 2021

English Version | All of us will die. All of us, except for Hugo van der Ding

Because it is humanly impossible the man behind “A Criada Malcriada” won’t find a way to get around life, and become, as is the prerogative of great geniuses, immortal.

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7. 5. 2021

English Version | Fantasy Pink

There’s one for everyone, of all shapes and sizes, including some with a bad temper. Yes, because being pink doesn’t mean you’re all fluffy. Princesses and panthers, birds and pigs; this is the color that paints many of the characters in our imagination.

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Compras 14. 4. 2022

13 peças para abraçarmos a nossa criança interior

Quem disse que os desenhos animados teriam apenas lugar na nossa infância?

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